“Virus World” A new concept of NFT community ‘V2E’ | 01/25/23

Seoul, South Korea, January 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Blockchain technology has seen remarkable growth in various areas such as cryptocurrency, NFT and DeFi (decentralized finance, DeFi). With its high level of security and transparency based on the characteristics of decentralization, it has been designated as a basic infrastructure for the realization of Web 3.0, which is emerging as the Internet version of the “third wave”.

In particular, in the case of NFTs (Non-fungible Token), it has been brought to light as an alternative to realize a concept that is difficult to easily imagine in the digital world. Many investors have been enthusiastic about the concept of a “unique asset” whose authenticity and personal ownership can be verified, which has led to a rapid expansion of the market.

NFTs were first used primarily for art or memorabilia auctions, but have gradually extended their usefulness to games, metaverses and sports. The size of the global NFT market has exceeded $2 billion by 2021, against $100 million in 2020, and this market size will grow in the coming years as more people become aware of the benefits and utilities of NFTs and the technology behind them continues to evolve. Therefore, the technology and the market are should grow rapidly.

Currently, various NFT business models exist in the market when it comes to NFTs.

The V2E (Virus to Earn) system is a unique feature of the Virus World project, allowing Virus World NFT holders to raise the level of their NFTs by inviting others to the community through a referral link.s.

As NFT owners promote their referral links and new users create NFTs through these links, the XP (experience points) of the link owner of the NFT increases. When XP reaches a certain level, the level of the NFT increases. The higher the level of the NFT, the higher the mining power, and depending on the mining power, Virus World’s own token, the ‘ZVT’ token, can be mined.

According to the Virus World team, these V2E activities directly affect holders, individuals, and projects by attracting new users to participate, growing the project, and directly influencing community expansion and their personal rewards.

The team pointed out that this incentive system provides a strong incentive for members to actively participate in growing the community and increasing the value of NFTs.

Also, according to Virus World team, “Teaser page” and “VRWD Pre-mining App” were officially released on January 25.

“VRWD Pre-mining App” has been released, aiming to help users to understand the upcoming Virus World project and the V2E system, and allows users to pre-mine before the official V2E (Virus to Earn) system starts. It allows people to acquire M (Mint) points. These M-points would then be used to create NFTs in Virus World’s public currency.

In addition to that, the detailed description of the project can be found on the Teaser and Virus World Official Medium page.

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