Chefsache Metaverse – Here’s How Businesses Safely Browse the Web3

We are on the threshold of a digital revolution – with the Metaverse as “the next big thing”. Top two new technology experts Thomas R. Köhler and Julia Finkeissen provide insight into the opportunities and risks for businesses.

The term “metaverse” has been on everyone’s lips, at least since the Facebook group – operator of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook – announced its name change to “meta” in October 2021. But what exactly is it hiding? behind the metaverse? What are the technologies behind? And what opportunities and risks does this imply for companies? Few people have a clear idea. With their expertise in new technologies, Thomas R. Köhler and Julia Finkeissen provide insight into the most important building blocks of the Metaverse and Web3 and provide actionable recommendations for businesses – without false hype and in view of the benefits concrete and potential users.

Starting from an exact inventory of the current technological disruption and a deeper examination of the underlying technologies, through the areas of application in individual industries and the interaction with Big Tech, to the development of the strategy and step-by-step instructions for a good start, Thomas R Köhler and Julia Finkeissen deliver in their practice book all the important knowledge base elements that are necessary to penetrate the metaverse for your own business and to use it wisely . It quickly becomes clear: The Metaverse is at the beginning of its development. It is not yet possible to predict in detail whether and to what extent individual options will prevail and be accepted by users, customers or employees. However, it is all the more important for companies to know where investing makes sense, what development paths are emerging and what opportunities require caution. Thomas R. Köhler and Julia Finkeissen deliver all this in a precise and practical way.

“Chefsache Metaverse” offers an important decision-making basis for the correct management of current and future digital possibilities – freed from the gunpowder and fog of current media hype and enriched with an in-depth knowledge of the risks and side effects that play a role in new technology. The book is therefore an essential companion for all those who want to manage their business safely in the face of the challenges of the technological revolution.

Thomas R. Koehler/Julia Finkeissen

Metaverse Boss Matter

NFT, Blockchain, AR, VR: How to Safely Browse the Web3 – A Practical Book for Business

2023, 224 pages, hardcover

EUR 40.00/EU 41.20/sFr 45.08

ISBN 978-3-593-51698-1

Release date: 01/20/2023

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