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DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), one of the Fortune 500’s leading global technology companies, reports on five metaverse trends poised to transform everyday life and business over the next five years.

1. The workplace metaverse

The Metaverse will change the workplaces of millions of people with future collaboration in virtual spaces: participation in conferences no longer takes place only in meeting rooms or in two dimensions on the video screen, but colleagues take place at the table in a 3D virtual room.

To take advantage of the Metaverse, many companies are already combining traditional video conferencing with immersive tools – for example, using virtual reality glasses to enhance participant interaction. DXC Technology uses the Metaverse for its own workplace teams and observes the positive effects of the virtual world on employee productivity, engagement and creativity: “Metaverse experiences help employees focus better and capture more information,” said Nathalie Vancluysen, Head of Extended Reality at DXC Technology. “Virtual worlds help us get out of the routine of video conferencing and open the door to more collaboration and innovation.”

2. Large virtual events

The Metaverse is a place where thousands of avatars from around the world gather to meet, interact, and engage. Customized 3D avatars, controlled by people from their current location, move freely in near-infinite space and teleport from place to place with the click of a button. This technology makes large events such as conferences, exhibitions and summit meetings possible in virtual worlds. This will lead to better global collaboration and reduce the time, resources and carbon footprint of travel.

3. Bands, DJs, Sports Clubs, and Dating Agencies Go Metaverse

Virtual venues are proliferating in the music and sports industries. Fans can attend concerts and games from home. Dating apps like Nevermet and Flirtual also offer services in the Metaverse. Over the next five years, consumers will be offered new, interactive and immersive ways to interact in the virtual world as well as a physical world through their digital avatar.

4. Metaverse strengthens the brand

Virtual customer experiences will become commonplace as brand loyalty companies look for new and exciting ways to engage with their customers. Major retail brands such as Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Gucci, Coca-Cola or Nike as well as car manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota and Ferrari are already experimenting with virtual environments and augmented reality. DXC Technology expects that over the next five years, more companies will offer their customers the ability to explore their brands, solutions and services in 3D – from hotels to cities to airports. .

5. Employee search and onboarding in transition

Recruiting talent is a key factor in the success of a company. The first step is to reach the talents. By 2027, companies will increasingly rely on the metaverse to contact candidates in a modern way. Conducting interviews in the metaverse helps recruiters identify the hires they want and learn more than traditional resume data can provide.

“Individuals and organizations should explore the many opportunities the metaverse offers for everyday utility,” concludes Nathalie Vancluysen.

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