Robux instead of euros, US dollars & Co.: Online gaming platform Roblox offers its own virtual currency | 02/01/23

• High frequency of use with Roblox
• Robux as payment method
• Children must learn to use virtual money

San Mateo, California-based software company Roblox Corporation is experiencing a high number of users. The digital platform allows its members, especially children, to play online games developed by other users. Since virtual worlds are created in this way, Roblox is considered a metaverse game. With Robux, the platform even has its own virtual currency, which ensures high sales figures for Roblox.


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Robux as pocket money

Roblox has over 60 million daily users, about half of whom are under the age of 13. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the first children no longer want their pocket money to be paid in US dollars or euros – but in Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox. Among other things, the Robux can then be used to get your hands on highly prized items. Robux can be purchased through the official online store. It is possible to subscribe to a premium membership as a subscription, which makes buying Robux cheaper all the time. For example, for 9.99 euros you get 800 Robux without subscription and 1000 Robux with subscription. There are also two special offers that allow you to buy 4,500 Robux for 49.99 euros or 10,000 Robux for 99.99 euros. Most items cost less than the equivalent of US$10. Roblox’s revenue has grown sixfold over the past three years, totaling $1.9 billion last year, generated almost entirely from Robux sales.

Learning experiences and dangers for children

The Wall Street Journal reports on the Robleto family with their two daughters, Kaylee, 12, and Ginelle, 10. When the father tried to pay the pocket money in cash, the girls asked him to convert it to Robux. The implementation is simple, the desired amount can be paid online into the account of the child concerned. The kids used the money to buy a virtual Louis Vuitton handbag and a Gucci jacket, each worth less than $5. As an advantage, Kaylee mentions that she can decide for herself when and how she wants to spend her money and that she is not dependent on her parents, who have to drive her to the store. The Wall Street Journal points out that children learn early on how to manage their financial independence thanks to Roblox. But just understanding the relationship between Robux and real money can become a problem. So that children do not spend all their money in an uncontrolled way, there has been a child safety device for a few years which aims to facilitate the control of transactions by parents.


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