Game Publishers Hire NFTs Because They’re Bullied To Do It

NFTs are increasingly rarely integrated into games by major game publishers. (Image: Andrei Metelev/Unsplash)

Are NFTs disappearing more and more from games because game publishers see no added value in them or because they are victims of them on the Internet? Some game publishers, like Activision Blizzard, have distanced themselves from integrating non-fungible tokens into games after internet attacks. On the other hand, Ubisoft has already experimented with NFTs and Square Enix even offers Web3 fans Symbiogenesis, a new platform for collecting controversial NFTs.

NFTs are increasingly being removed from games. Especially on the internet, people keep making fun of non-fungible tokens. Frequent criticisms are, for example, that NFTs are polluting and “just stupid”. Some non-fungible tokens are partially positively accepted, but the rejection is likely aimed at the large masses of NFTs.

The influence of crowds on the Internet

Crowds on the internet can sometimes have a major impact on various developments. For example, the business model of loop boxes has been so heavily criticized by netizens that politicians have taken notice and loop boxes have subsequently been classified as illegal gambling in some countries. Are game publishers turning away from NFTs because online communities slam them at every opportunity, or because they no longer see any value in them?

For example, Jason Citron, the founder of messaging app Discord, announced that he would integrate NFTs into the platform towards the end of 2021. Users then responded with huge resistance by posting thousands of messages in response. to this project in a very short time. The most shared user post was the sarcastic suggestion that Discord should disable the Discord Nitro subscription. Just two days after Citron’s announcement, he pulled the project.

Game developer GSC Game World also intended to use NFTs in the Stalker series and called their new concept the Stalker Metaverse. Worms Team 17, voice actor Troy Baker, EA CEO Andrew Wilson, and Activision Blizzard have also considered involving NFTs. But they all revised their plans after being attacked online for it.

Angry comments about NFT integration in games

But there are also NFT proponents among online commentators, as well as publishers experimenting with NFTs. For example, Ubisoft was one of the few large companies to attempt NFT integration. In return, Ubisoft received angry comments like “this is still the dumbest, most useless thing in this fucking world” and many other commenters made it clear that they don’t want to see NFTs in games:

Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s non-fungible tokens are worthless, and the video game company claimed that they only tried this for research purposes and never pursued it as a serious project. This might be true as the company only used NFTs on one of its less popular games, Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Game publisher Square Enix also recently announced its new NFT project Symbiogenesis. It is a digital NFT art collection platform, but it is not for gamers, but for Web3 fans. Players are also very unhappy with this project and it is clearly communicated that NFTs are considered climate killers.

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