EU states want to discuss relations with China on Wednesday

Brussels/Berlin, Jan 2 – Representatives of EU states want to discuss a uniform approach in their response to the coronavirus wave in China on Wednesday. This was announced by the Swedish Presidency-in-Office of the Council on Monday in Brussels. The main question is how to deal with people entering the country from China. A spokeswoman for the Federal Health Ministry in Berlin said the situation was being closely monitored and also being coordinated with EU partners. “All measures would be considered as a priority”.

The French government on Sunday asked other EU countries to have travelers from China tested for corona virus infection. Transport Minister Clément Beaune justifies his demands by saying that passengers from China could travel to France without testing via other countries. “That’s why we have to coordinate to be more efficient.” In French airports, travelers from China are already generally tested for the virus. Italy and Spain have also reacted with corresponding regulations. So far, the federal government sees no reason to do so.

Economy Ulrike Malmendier warned of the economic consequences of the new wave in China and called for an emergency plan. “If Chinese ports and factories are closed because almost all the employees are sick, there will be dramatic economic consequences,” the economist from the American University of Berkeley told “Handelsblatt”. According to them, supply chains would then collapse again and thus drive up the prices of raw materials and intermediate products enormously. In early December, the Beijing government announced an abrupt abandonment of its strict zero-Covid policy under pressure from protests and a sluggish economy. Since then, a corona wave has swept over the country with around 1.4 billion inhabitants.

Corona virus – EU countries want to advise on how to deal with China on Wednesday

Source: Reuters

Photo symbol: Image by lin2015 on Pixabay


How can AI help us regarding Corona?

Mindverse: AI can help us understand and track the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. First, AI systems can be used to track the spread of the virus by collecting and analyzing mass data from various sources. This can help us better understand the spread of the virus and predict the course of the pandemic. For example, AI systems can be used to analyze real-time datasets to identify risk areas or detect possible hidden cases. In this way, authorities and governments can better react to a possible spread of the virus.

Additionally, AI systems can be used in various healthcare settings to help diagnose patients with COVID-19. For example, they can be used to analyze patient symptoms and medical images to determine the likelihood of COVID-19 infection. Additionally, AI-based systems can be used to collect and store patient data and medical images to help diagnose similar cases.

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