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HERO software for craftsmen complete project management

Please introduce yourself and the startup HERO Software to our readers!

we are Dr. Michael Kessler and Philipp Lyding, the founders of HERO Software.

With our software, we help craftsmen to organize their appointments more easily, to plan employees better, to always keep an eye on their construction sites and to write offers and invoices – and all this from the smartphone. A typical example is an on-site inventory of a property to be renovated. Most craftsmen instinctively pull out their smartphone to document locations or record defects. In most cases, however, these photos remain on the employee’s smartphone or in the chat tools. With the HERO software, these photos are automatically synchronized and stored directly in the customer file. This means that all colleagues have access to it at all times.

Why did you decide to start a business?

The idea for HERO Software was born from our first start-up. With Energieheld, we initially pursued the idea of ​​bringing craftsmen and owners closer together. However, we soon realized that the orders we were preparing did not solve the main problem for companies, namely the growing shortage of skilled workers and a lack of efficiency due to a lack of digitized processes. From this realization, HERO was born. With HERO we not only relieve craftsmen, we also make a small contribution against climate change: Every renovation that creates an energy-efficient living space is one step closer to the climate goal.

What is the vision behind HERO Software?

HERO sets an example against global warming. With our solutions, we want to make a significant contribution to the conservation of resources and thus to climate protection, while relieving tradesmen. The core of our new brand essence is “Free Your Craft” and the associated brand story – freeing artisans from cumbersome, superfluous, location-based administrative work.

From the idea to the start: what have been the biggest challenges so far and how have you financed yourself?

A challenge for us in the past has been our tremendous growth
underestimated and the Corona crisis has left us with short-term questions. But thanks to our great team, a lot of expertise and the courage to rethink, we have mastered this well.

In June, we completed SERIES A funding of €8m and existing investors include Robert Gentz ​​(CEO Zalando SE) and Martin Sinner (Founder of Idealo). Growth capital supports us not only in the development of our products, but also in our expansion into the European market. With over 2,000 customers, HERO is the fastest growing SaaS provider in 2022.

Who is HERO Software’s target audience?

These are currently all craftsmen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, from sole proprietorships to medium-sized companies to large companies, completely independent of the trade – whether electrician, roofer or construction company. HVAC – our software helps everyone digitize and streamline their processes and ultimately become more efficient.

How does HERO software work? What are the advantages? What sets you apart from other providers?

HERO Software is a cloud-based software and application that provides business enterprises with comprehensive project management. The aim is to enable artisans to work efficiently and focus on their core skills. The HERO software relieves craftsmen in their work. The device-independent app supports users at every stage, from initial contact and document creation, to construction site planning and documentation, implementation and invoicing. The internal employee management, time recording and planning board also help companies digitally control their operations – and all this in one application, whether on the web or in the application for travel.

HERO Software, where are we going? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Our goal is to continue to create solutions for our rapidly growing customer base and advance digitalization in commerce. We highly value various integrations that help our customers simplify their daily lives. Here’s how we’ll be launching HERO Prime soon. It offers an open community with answers to all industry questions. Prime is primarily used to create contacts and connections within the industry and to support businesses such as artisans.

Finally: What 3 pieces of advice would you give to future founders?

Dare to stand out from the crowd and find what makes you special and sets you apart from other businesses.

The best idea comes from passion. But over time you realize what works and what doesn’t. It means: Agile thinking.

Choose your employees well, because not only do they represent the company to the outside world, but they are also the driving force behind everything.

We thank Dr. Michael Kessler and Philipp Lyding for the interview

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