After the success of the RTL+ series “Sisi”: Sisi dresses available in NFT | 02/01/23


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• RTL+ wishes to offer access to the world of NFT
• Limited number of Sisi NFTs available
• NFT owners get an exclusive preview of the shoot

RTL+ offers NFTs for the first time

The RTL+ series “Sisi”, broadcast since December 12, 2021, broke two RTL+ records after just one day about a year ago. The “Sisi” series celebrated the most successful fictional reboot of an RTL+ series and won more new customers than ever before from RTL+, RTL News reported. Now, there should also be digital collectibles for the hit series. You can get “The Robe of the Chosen” for only 5 euros.


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According to the company, a total of 80 different dresses were designed for the first two seasons. The 18 most impressive dresses, nine from each season, have now been transformed into NFT under the direction of 3D artist Götz Moritz Bongartz. These will be released gradually in different phases (drops), the first 3 collections are already available for purchase. These are in turn divided into “Classic”, “Rare” and “Epic” categories. It has to do with the limitations of digital clothing. The Classic NFT category is limited to 200 coins, the Rare category to 50 coins and the Epic NFT to 10 coins. Thus, the Classic NFT costs only five euros, the Rare NFT 25 euros and the Epic NFT 75 euros. Sisi digital clothing can currently only be purchased with conventional payment methods. An associated NFT market is currently in the works, and it will also be possible to pay with cryptocurrencies here in the future.

Sisi-NFT enables digital set visits

Many may wonder what are the benefits of buying a Sisi NFT, unless you want to speculate on a possible price increase. Well, die-hard fans who purchase a Sisi NFT have the opportunity to take part in a digital set tour and be there live during the second season. You can also slip into the NFT dress digitally via augmented reality (AR). All you have to do is download the file to your AR-enabled smartphone and you can try on the dress digitally. For androidhowever, a special application may be required for this, according to the FAQ on the Sisi-NFT website.

Why does RTL+ offer NFTs?

RTL+’s Julia Bell tells ntv they want to give fans of the show an easy introduction to the world of digital collectibles. According to Bell, they don’t want to generate artificial hype, rather it’s about looking at new technologies with open eyes, which is why they offer NFTs for little money. To ensure that environmental protection is not neglected here either, the decision was made to use the stream blockchain, which was specially developed for NFTs and, according to Bell, requires significantly less time. ‘energy.
“The Dress of Resolve” from the Epic category and “The Dress of Resistance” from the Rare category are already sold out (as of 12/20/2022). So, digital collectibles seem to be doing well. These can be resold when the market opens, so fans need not worry.


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