According to top managers, these actions have particularly great potential in 2023

After 2022 was a weak year for the global economy, investors are now pinning their hopes on the stock market year ahead. There is every reason to believe that the global economy could recover over the coming year and that various sectors of the market will experience a rise in prices. However, such growth cannot be expected in all sectors.

For this reason, it is very important to know which stocks in which market sectors could perform particularly well in 2023 and which companies are expected to generate the best returns. In the following, three of the most promising company stocks in the growth sectors are presented and they are evaluated according to their potential.

Agnico Eagle Mines – Stronger Gold in the Year Ahead?

The price of gold has not performed particularly well over the past year. Despite the global crises and market fear, the price weakened. The reason for this was probably the increase in interest rates by the US central bank, which strengthened the dollar. With this tight interest rate policy likely to be eased in the coming months and global crises continuing to push investors into crisis-proof assets, 2023 should be a strong year for gold and stocks. related companies.

Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM) is one of the strongest companies in the industry. With mines in Mexico, Canada, Australia and Finland, the company has a broad base. Thanks to the recent takeover of competitor Kirkland Lake Gold, the market position has also strengthened again. The acquisition is expected to boost the company’s revenue by more than 50% to nearly $6 billion.

After reaching a low around 37.50 euros in July 2022, the share price is in a slight but steady upward trend. It is currently hovering at a value of 48.68 euros, but the experts’ price targets for 2023 are at least 60 euros, or even 70 euros per share. Given these forecasts, strong double-digit earnings can be expected here in the coming year and investors could currently be offered an attractive entry point.

Denbury – Is oil production becoming climate friendly?

After energy has become the investment sector of choice in 2022, we can expect a high and growing importance of renewable and fossil fuels in the coming year. Although oil has already been written off by many and called the commodity of the past, it is now clear that we are still dependent on efficient fuel.

Texas-based energy group Denbury (DEN) has already attracted attention in recent years for innovative approaches to oil production, which brought it big profits last year. Using the so-called enhanced oil recovery method, Denbury is able to pump the CO₂ that has already been produced by industry back to depleted oilfields, which even results in a positive CO₂ balance. Analysts also expect a solid financial year for the company in the coming year.

After the share price jumped 20% last year, it now hovers around 80 euros. However, experts assume that the 100 euro mark, which was already tested last October, will finally be crossed. It could also be explained by a targeted increase in sales of 35% and an increase in profits of more than 180%. Positive numbers that make investors euphoric and reason to invest in Denbury shares.

Array Technologies – Solar energy as a safe growth sector

Solar technologies have long been an issue, but progressive development and new technologies are making the sun increasingly attractive as an energy source and allowing companies involved in development to benefit from it. The American-American company Array Technologies (ARRY) has one of the most promising solar stocks and is mainly based on the construction and distribution of control systems for the solar industry.

Thanks to these systems, the solar systems can be constantly aligned with the position of the sun, which increases their productivity and speeds up the refinancing of the systems. In addition to the strong demand for the products, Array 2023 is also expected to benefit significantly from the Inflation Reduction Act. This decision by the US government aims to relieve companies and will relieve Array Technology with subsidies and tax advantages.

The sales and profit forecasts for the coming financial year are therefore high. Analysts expect sales to rise 85% to just under $1.6 billion. The shares of the company are currently worth 18.40 euros. After already rising by a good 30% last year, an at least as large price increase can again be expected in 2023.

FightOut – one of the most innovative projects in cryptospace

Anyone interested in alternative investment options besides stocks might find what they are looking for in the cryptospace. Breakthrough projects like FightOut promise rich returns to early investors. The team behind this crypto company follows the move-to-earn approach, in which users of an app can be financially rewarded for their training.

Training can be tracked, a Metaverse character can be leveled up, and real money can be earned in the form of your own cryptocurrency. The FGHT token is currently still available for pre-sale at a discounted price and offers a good investment opportunity for investors who believe in the future of FightOut.

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