Ethereum Price Prediction: Crypto Influencer Predicts Revolutionary Development! | 01/01/23

With the crypto market barely moving and Ethereum currently trading just above $1200, crypto influencers are increasingly looking to 2023 or even taking an even broader look into the future. of the digital currency market. With a market dominance of around 18.5%, Ethereum will start to firmly establish itself as the second most valuable cryptocurrency in 2023 – with @CroissantEth, a crypto influencer with around 120,000 Twitter followers now predicting a development revolutionary for Ethereum. Because the bear market could mask the fundamental potential of Ethereum in the short term – but in the long term, the Ethereum network could disrupt various fields such as politics, banking, payments, games and art.

While Ethereum has fundamental disruptive potential, Dash 2 Trade, a new cryptocurrency, aims to revolutionize crypto analytics. Because the innovative platform of crypto analysis and curated trading signals is about to be launched. Investors now have less than five days to secure the innovative cryptocurrency with hype potential.

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The bear market obscures fundamental truths: Ethereum on the right track

According to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, the bear market is the best time to develop truly crypto-based solutions that offer real-world use cases. Because away from speculative capital, you can focus on what really matters – namely, crypto adoption. Even in the current bear market, developers remain loyal to cryptocurrencies and continue to work on their Web3 or DeFi applications.

Despite the bearish price development at Ethereum, the 2022 merger was successfully completed. Ethereum core development is progressing after many years of PoS implementation planning. Development was repeatedly delayed. Vitalik Buterin released the next updates from “The Surge” to “The Splurge” shortly after.

But what truths are bullish for Ethereum, but receive too little attention in the bear market?

Deflation: The differences between PoW and PoS are significant. The Ethereum network was less diluted than proof of work. In the meantime, there was even the first deflationary month. Supply is getting tight – bullish for Ethereum price.

Ether Supply

Transactions: Despite the bearish evolution of the global market, the number of transactions on Ethereum remains high. On average, around one million transactions per day are processed through Ethereum.

Number of addresses: The number of unique addresses in the Ethereum network keeps growing despite the bear market. While there were around 182 million addresses at the start of the year, by the end of 2022 the number was nearly 220 million.

Gas costs: In combination with the EIP-1559 upgrade and the merger, transaction fees have dropped massively. Gas fees appear to be at tolerable levels today, making Ethereum adoption more likely.

Layer 2: Layer 2 adoption of Ethereum is also expected to be favored in 2023. In addition to the leading Layer 2 scaling solution, Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum in particular have been able to multiply their transactions over the last year. An evolution that does not correspond to the Ethereum price.

Can Ethereum recover in 2023?

There is no doubt that Ethereum has enormous long-term disruptive potential. The network could fundamentally change many areas of life mentioned. Art is completed with non-fungible tokens, while finance can be mapped in a decentralized manner using DeFi dApps. Voting becomes more democratic and transparently verifiable. With approximately 60% of total value locked in decentralized finance, strong market dominance, and high development activity, Ethereum is perfectly positioned to benefit from these long-term trends.

It is debatable whether there will be a massive recovery or even new highs in 2023. However, especially in the second half of the year, a more favorable macroeconomic environment could lead to the recovery of cryptocurrencies, and various price drivers are also waiting for Ethereum in 2023.

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Dash 2 Trade: massive profits possible after the ICO of January 11, 2023

Despite all the prophecies of doom, the Ethereum network remains perfectly positioned to benefit massively from crypto adoption in the future. There are weaknesses and risks, but the positives should not be ignored either. However, those aiming for short-term profits might take a look at the crypto pre-sales that are already looking to complete their ICO in January. For example, the Dash 2 Trade early sale only lasts about five days before the initial quote takes place on January 11th.

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Dash 2 Exchange builds a versatile platform that will help investors analyze cryptocurrencies and receive trading signals. For several months, the developers have designed an advanced dashboard that offers clear information. In addition to presale ratings, on-chain data, social sentiment, trading API and other analysis tools, the affordable offer, which can be used individually with different subscriptions, is particularly convincing. Four confirmed CEX listings and a growing community allow for positive price action after the January 11 ICO.

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