Digital Trends 2023: AI, Metaverse and Digital Identities – News

“Artificial intelligence” (AI) has long been a field that only scientists and experts have dealt with. However, in recent months, social networks have been flooded with images, photos and even videos made with the help of AI create. modern AI– Apps like “Wonder” or “Lensa” create images that look like works of art at the touch of a button.

with that AI arrived in pop culture – and this trend will continue in 2023.

If AI likes GPT-3 automatically generated texts

Artificial intelligence undoubtedly offers enormous opportunities – but also risks. According to experts, 2023 will be the year when artificial intelligence penetrates many areas of our lives much more than before.

The new “hot” ones are AI chatbots like “GPT-3”. With such systems, developed by companies like OpenAI, in which Elon Musk and Microsoft are also involved, it is possible to have reasonably “intelligent” dialogues. More than that: GPT-3 and similar AI systems create articles, songs, lyrics, manuscripts, assignments – in principle texts of all kinds – at the touch of a button.

It won’t be long before people are inundated with “fun” apps that create text for any need in seconds (like the past few months with apps that generate images).

A challenge for society, because it must learn to differentiate itself in more and more areas: What is real – and what comes from an AI? And what difference does it actually make? Such AI applications influence many creative professional fields and can even destroy them in some cases. There will also be discussions about this.

When the AI ​​watches us while we shop

Industry experts see another field of application for AI: wherever we shop. There are already individual stores where customers no longer need to checkout and scan the products they have purchased. Because the cameras monitor every action, the systems “know” what has been put in the basket and what has been taken out.

Customers can leave the store without contacting the checkout. The credit card will be charged automatically. Such shopping worlds are also increasingly expected here in Germany.

Dawn of the Metaverse

Speaking of artificial worlds: that too metaverse will play a bigger role in 2023. If you want to go to the Metaverse, sit down VRglasses and can then dive into completely virtual worlds. It’s suitable for work – or for play. Both can be attractive or even useful in some cases.

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