SWEAT Rises Slightly Again As This Move 2 Earn Coin Is Half Sold Out In Very Short Time | 12/30/22


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While the overall crypto market is in decline and the top 100 coins are mostly in the red, SWEAT is fighting to come back up. Strong support has now formed at the $0.01 mark, from which SWEAT price has bounced multiple times. The price of a SWEATSHIRT is currently $0.1026, well below its high of around $0.09. But SWEAT is not alone in this – most of the top 100 coins are also currently trading between 75-95% below their all-time highs.

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The total market capitalization in the crypto market remains below the $800 billion mark and SWEAT is currently claiming around $21 million. The coin has been on the market since September, and when it was launched, it had a total circulation value of over $100 million. Since then, it’s been downhill for the SWEAT. Although Sweatcoin is one of the most downloaded fitness and health apps in some countries and has over 100 million users, the coin is in decline. This is of course partly due to the crypto winter, which also eclipses many other coins, but also because many users only used the app because they did not know how SWEAT would develop during its launch. This kept the interest going for a long time. Of course, by the time Stepn’s GST jumped over $9, many were hoping to see the SWEAT price the same way. With the launch in September, a few mistakes were made that pre-determined the rapid price drop. SWEAT was collected by some users over months and then could be claimed overnight and sold directly. The market was flooded and more and more users were disappointed with the lower prices. The team behind FightOut has elegantly solved this problem and is taking a different approach.

Half of the available pieces have already been sold in a very short time. Take advantage now and buy $FGHT in presale before the price is increased.

FightOut – Move 2 Win at its best

While Sweatcoin has been nice to some while hopefully SWEAT will be popular when it launches, FightOut is taking a whole different direction. The vision pursued by the developers is revolutionary and could upset the entire fitness industry and the Move 2 Earn sector. While Sweatcoin is a pedometer where you occasionally check how many SWEATS you’ve earned, FightOut can do so much more. The goal here isn’t just to walk, and the advantage behind isn’t just the coin you can earn. FightOut accompanies the user on the way to a healthier lifestyle and knows how to create the right incentive for a broad target group.

Several incentives lead to the goal

While previous Move 2 Earn apps focused on earning coins and the app becomes uninteresting when the coin is in the basement, FightOut creates lots of incentives to keep the user happy. At first, you create an NFT avatar, with which you travel the FightOut metaverse. The peculiarity is that the NFT, which represents you in virtual space, grows through your own diligence in real life. The workouts you do also lead to success in the FightOut ecosystem.

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So if you want to make your NFT stronger, you have to train in real life and get attributes like strength and stamina for your character. Anyone who has sacrificed an all-nighter or two to gaming knows how far one often goes to progress in games. FightOut takes this concept and turns it into something positive. Here you don’t need to invest a lot of screen time to get ahead, but work hard on yourself. As you develop your character in the metaverse, you also increase your chances of completing daily challenges and being rewarded with coins. In addition to training plans, which are tailored precisely to your own needs, there will also be various martial arts courses and many other features that will satisfy the user and, in addition to the coin that can be earned, will bring real added value. This means that FightOut will not have to immediately deal with declining user numbers once the price of coins is low.

Coins frozen on release to avoid flooding the market

The team behind FightOut also has a solid solution to the problem that the market could be flooded with FGHT tokens overnight. The FGHT token, which is currently still on presale, can be frozen for different periods when you buy it. You get a bonus of up to 50% on your deposit. Since the time frames here vary from 6 to 24 months and different buyers claim different bonuses, the market is not flooded with $FGHT available overnight. Many coins will be frozen long after listing and released month after month. This ensures a certain price stability.

$FGHT in presale – already 50% sold out

The $FGHT is currently still in the first stage of presale and has already overshadowed the launch of many coins. Over $2 million has already been raised in just a few days and almost half of the available FGHT tokens are now sold out. Along with the expanded possibilities FightOut has to offer, this makes $FGHT one of the hottest coins of the coming year. The listing on the first exchange is already confirmed and there the FGHT token could regain its true value and increase by a factor of x100. History has repeatedly shown that coins with much less innovative projects have been able to generate returns of 10,000% and more for investors who have been there all along. This means that $FGHT has the best prerequisites for an equally strong performance over the coming year. If you still want to take advantage of this opportunity, you can still secure $FGHT during the presale and receive a bonus of up to 50% on your deposit. One FGHT is currently available for 0.016 USDT. The coin is listed at around 0.033 USDT, which means that investors can earn a book profit of over 100% right off the bat. Invest now in time and benefit from a possible price explosion in the coming year.

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