Trump calls disclosure of his tax records a shame

VANCOUVER, Dec. 30 – Former U.S. President Donald Trump has condemned the release of his tax returns as an embarrassment to Congress. The Republican made the comments on video Friday, shortly after the Democratic-controlled House Finance Committee released its partially redacted documents for 2015-20, as scheduled. “Although these tax returns contain relatively little information, and also no information that almost anyone would understand – they are extremely complex – the behavior of radical Democrats is a disgrace to the United States Congress,” he said. . The presidential candidate combined the statement with a request for campaign donations.

The filing period covers the Republican presidency and associated campaign. There was initially no big news compared to previously released content. However, the documents can now be studied in detail by tax experts and journalists. It became known in advance that Trump’s income and tax burden fluctuated significantly over the period. He and his wife, Melania, claimed large write-offs and losses and paid no income tax for several years. Among them was 2020, the last full year in office, when Trump made millions from his businesses.

The committee had announced the release a few days ago, but pointed out that some parts of the documents would have to be blacked out first because they are subject to confidentiality. Trump had not released his tax returns during the campaign, contrary to the usual practice of high-ranking candidates in the United States. In court, he had failed in his attempt to prevent publication. In the United States, the federal and state governments collect their taxes separately.


Trump is running for a second term and wants to run in the presidential election of 2024. All the explosive details of the newly released documents would thus fall in the early election campaign. Several lawsuits are underway against the 76-year-old man. Additionally, on December 6, his Trump Organization was found guilty of 15-year tax evasion. She faces a fine of up to $1.6 million. Trump himself is not responsible in this matter and spoke of a politically motivated action. A House inquiry also recommended indicting Trump in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol storming. The Justice Department decides.

The Finance Committee justified its examination of the documents by the fact that it had to check whether the federal tax authority IRS correctly handles the tax returns of the presidents. Last week’s final report denied that, saying the IRS acted improperly by not testing Trump at all for three of the four years of his presidency. Republicans have rejected the process, warning it sets a precedent for tax returns to be used as a political weapon. They will chair the committee on Tuesday, with the majority in the entire hall of Congress. “In the long run, Democrats will regret it,” Kevin Brady, the committee’s senior Republican, told the publication on Friday.

Trump calls disclosure of his tax records a shame

Source: Reuters

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