Move-2-Earn Project FightOut Approaches $2.5 Million: Pro Athletes as FightOut Ambassadors and a $250,000 Crypto Giveaway | news

The early sale of the new cryptocurrency Move-2-Earn FightOut started about two weeks ago and has now reached over $2.45 million. Now the cryptocurrency, which wants to convert the Move-2-Earn concept to Metaverse, has announced the signing of various FightOut ambassadors. In the future, athletes should have access to Fitness-Web3 with the FGHT token. A beta version of the Web3 application is expected to be released in Q1 2023, before the full version is available in Q2.

FightOut is a new cryptocurrency aimed at solving a problem faced by many athletes – lack of motivation during physical training. Because at the start of a new year, many athletes join the gym and drop out again for the foreseeable future. FightOut combines real workouts with a virtual avatar that will represent Metaverse athletes according to their own abilities. Your own performance data is transferred into virtual reality so that the virtual avatar develops accordingly.

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FightOut tokens are currently available for presale for $0.0166. In the future, the price will be gradually increased with each step taken, so that an early investment is particularly profitable. With the completion of the presale on March 31, 2023, the token price should be $0.0333. After initial listings on centralized crypto exchanges on April 5, the price of FGHT could turn positive if continued fundamental cryptocurrency news Move2Earn drives the price.

At the start of the presale, FightOut officials launched a giveaway worth $250,000, which investors can now secure. Ten different tasks can be completed to receive individual FightOut giveaway tickets. The winner will then receive $250,000 in FightOut tokens.

UFC fighters, professional boxers and influencers as FightOut ambassadors

During the current week, the FightOut team was able to attract the first brand ambassadors for the Move-2-Earn cryptocurrency. In the future, these should increase user motivation and strengthen the ecosystem.

FightOut Ambassador

Amandas Ribas and Taila Santos

With Amandas Ribas and Taila Santos, two Brazilian UFC fighters will act as FightOut ambassadors in the future. Ribas has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and is currently No. 9 in the women’s strawweight division. She is also the 15th female flyweight in the UFC. In contrast, fellow Brazilian Santos was the last No. 2 in the UFC flyweight division and also has a large reach with around 180,000 Instagram followers.

Both professional fighters have taken women’s MMA to the next level and are expected to create versatile added value at FightOut in the future. To that end, Ribas and Santos will conduct video workouts and personally participate in training FightOut users.

marshal of the savannah

With Savannah Marshall (about 122,000 Instagram followers), the FightOut team was able to recruit a British professional boxer for the Move 2 Earn cryptocurrency, who is one of the best in her discipline. More recently, she broke numerous attendance records in the fight against Claressa Shields and has huge appeal in professional boxing.

Tremayne Dortch

Tremayne Dortch, a well-known fitness influencer (the “Muscle Ninja”), is also part of FightOut. Dortch rose to prominence through the American reality show American Ninja Warrior on NBC and is active as a personal trainer. In the future, he would like to bring his background in the fitness world to FightOut.

Get up to 50% pre-sale bonus FightOut

The FightOut early sale is framed by an attractive bonus offer. Depending on the amount of the initial investment and the chosen blocking period, early investors can receive bonuses of up to 50%. Initially, officials only wanted to offer the bonuses in the first presale phase up to a fundraising of $5 million. But now there was good news for all interested crypto investors. Because the 50% bonus for all advance sale will also be offered in the future.

All FGHT tokens are subject to a three-month lock-up period, which begins with the end of the presale. After the expiry of the individually selected blocking period (up to 24 months), the tokens are automatically activated. Alternatively, investors can secure their own FGHT tokens at any time and then, for example, claim half of the tokens before the lock-up period expires.

FightOut wants to revolutionize the current fitness industry and expand Web2. To this end, the weaknesses of existing Move-2-Earn projects such as STEPN have been identified and they would like to address them with a comprehensive Web3 approach. Well-known partners are already supporting the concept in advance – for example LBank Labs, Transak, BlockMedia and

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Elite Athletes as Role Models in FightOut’s Fitness Metaverse

Professional athletes will increase the appeal of the FightOut ecosystem as brand ambassadors by acting as role models for ordinary athletes. The ubiquitous appearance of FightOut Ambassadors should motivate athletes to work even harder on their individual goals. This approach includes videos and training programs from elite martial artists. Starting in the second quarter of 2023, the ambassadors will release the first video workouts for all FightOut users.

With a targeted combination of Web3 and real gyms, gyms should be at the center of the ecosystem in the future in order to be the home of the community. Nevertheless, a physical presence is not required at all, since the fitness metaverse with a digital avatar also invites interaction.

Up to 20 own fitness studios must first be published in places where the FightOut community is particularly active. The acquisition of the first fitness studio is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

FightOut FGHT Move-to-Earn M2E Cryptocurrency

The FightOut app will be released in the first quarter of 2023 and aims to make users fitter

At the heart of FightOut is the Web3 mobile app, which uses smartphone technology to provide accurate and comprehensive tracking of sports activity in the future. The website already unveils an attractive image of the Web3 app which is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2023. Here, athletes can have individual training plans created by specifying their preferred training goals and options after registration . With individual answers to standardized questions, the Web3 application will develop a training plan that best meets individual needs and wishes.

Fight app

FGHT & REPS Token: various utilities at FightOut

In the current presale, investors can buy the native FGHT token. However, in the FightOut ecosystem, there will be both FGHT and REPS tokens. FightOut relies on a subscription model so athletes can use FGHT or REPS tokens to register in the future. At the same time, the subscription can also be purchased with Fiat money. Nevertheless, the officials want to increase the benefits of FGHT and thus grant all fitness users a 25% discount who pays with FightOut Coins.

REPS, on the other hand, is the built-in currency of the FightOut ecosystem, so all rewards, for example, are paid in REPS. If you want to buy digital assets, book services or buy props (as NFT) for the avatar in the web3 app, you pay for them with REPS. If the rewards are insufficient, additional REPS can be purchased with FGHT, again showing the strong utility of FGHT in the fitness ecosystem.

Early KYC verification at CoinSniper and smart contract auditing by Certik ensure a high level of security.

Meanwhile, hitting the $2.5 million milestone is imminent. Half of the capital of the first presale phase has already been collected, so investors should hurry if they want to accumulate FGHT tokens before the price increase. Then, you get involved very early in an innovative project that wants to make fitness and health even more accessible via Web3 and real fitness studios.

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