Meta has more devices in store for 2023 than just Meta Quest 3

Image: Meta (Meta Quest Pro objectives)

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Meta doesn’t just want to introduce Meta Quest 3 next year. At least that’s what the technical director of Meta suggests.

In a blog post last week, Andrew Bosworth looked back on 2022 and pointed out that Meta remains committed to its own vision of the future, which is virtual reality and augmented reality. At the end of the article, the technical director also confirmed that Meta Quest 3 will be released next year.

If you read carefully, you’ll find a remarkable promise at this point: that Meta 2023 will feature multiple devices at the same time.

“Meta is far from the only company pushing the envelope in these areas, and we expect to see new competitors join us in AR and VR development over the next year. With the launch new devices, our industry will enter a new era of growth and competition that will bring enormous benefits to users and the developer community. And Meta itself will share new devices with the world, including the successor to the Meta Quest 2, our best-selling VR device.

What kind of device could it be?

The wording is vague: Bosworth isn’t actually saying that Meta will bring all new devices to market, even though Meta Quest 3 will definitely release in 2023. It could also mean that Meta just wants to showcase or tease the rest of the hardware. But even that is remarkable, as Meta hasn’t announced anything along these lines so far, and Bosworth’s teaser raises the question of what VR and AR devices it might be.

Is Meta already planning next year with a Meta Quest Plus, ie a better equipped Meta Quest 3, the price of which is between this and the expensive Meta Quest Pro 1,800? Or a technically lighter and cheaper MetaQuest Litewhich comes without a VR controller and only relies on hand tracking?

According to a leaked roadmap in May 2022, Meta wants to launch two new consumer-oriented Quest devices in 2023 and 2024. So Bosworth could mean a second Meta Quest product.


But the timing would be odd, at least if it were to appear at the same time as Meta Quest 3. Another such product would unnecessarily complicate the portfolio at an inopportune time and dilute the advertising message that will be about Meta Quest 3. I’m guessing a in place totally other class of device.

Are these data glasses?

The technical director of Meta could be pleased with a new version of the video glasses Stories of Ray-Ban which Mark Zuckerberg and EssilorLuxottica wearables boss Rocco Basilico previously teased at Meta Connect 2022 – without going into detail or giving a timeline for market launch.

Basilico indicated that the new Ray-Ban Stories could be exposed and thus decide to develop further. The new goggle set is being developed to “build a portal to the metaverse,” Basilico said.

This does not mean that the next Ray-Ban Stories will be to data glasses goes. For its two-year anniversary, the new version might just get a more powerful chip and better cameras and speakers. But a display would be a big step forward technically and could give the glasses more useful features than they currently have.

Of course, Bosworth might have something completely different in mind. In any case, Meta for 2023 has other surprises up its sleeve than Meta Quest 3.

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