Did Logan Paul rip off his NFT “game”?

Logan Paul, brother of Jake Paul, has once again landed in a controversy that he created himself. Youtuber Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen, a scam artist, has released a three-part video series focusing on CryptoZoo, a blockchain “game” that Paul recently promoted. There is a huge problem with the game: it does not exist. And Paul’s fans have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to support this game.

Logan Paul previously came under fire for filming a video in the Japanese forest of Aokigahara in which he filmed and interacted with a corpse in a way that many felt was distasteful and inappropriate. Despite the scandal, Logan Paul’s career rebounded. But now he is once again the main character on the internet as it seems he is involved in a massive crypto scam.

Coffeezilla is on the trail of Logan Paul

Coffeezilla took a close look at CryptoZoo. As Paul explains, it’s “a really fun game to make money with.” According to the official website, the game is currently “in the process of upgrading the basic ecosystem infrastructure”. CryptoZoo is a “self-contained ecosystem that allows ZooKeepers to buy, sell, and trade exotic animals and hybrids.” Basically, it’s an NFT game where players buy Zoo Coins, CryptoZoo’s in-game currency, to buy NFT eggs, which are then hatched into animals. The rarer the hybrids, the higher the daily return of Zoo Coins. If you redeem it, you have earned money. In short, it’s designed to work like passive income.

Fans lost money

But the game is a big mystery because it doesn’t officially exist, but people have invested tons of money into the game. Coffeezilla found out that since CryptoZoo launched in 2021, Paul fans have spent around $2.5 million for eggs alone, while the coin itself skyrocketed to a market cap of around $2 billion. Some people Coffeezilla has spoken to have spent tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars on CryptoZoo because they trust Logan Paul. But apparently that’s not the case, because now these people have lost thousands of dollars.

Apparently, those who invested in CryptoZoo couldn’t even hatch the eggs they bought. “It’s just a photo,” the person said of the eggs. “I can’t do anything with it. It’s basically worthless.”

Staff and fans got ripped off?

In the Coffeezilla videos, Paul explains some “problems” in the development of CryptoZoo. He also says that a “developer fled to Switzerland with the source code” and blackmailed him with $1 million, causing the game to shut down. But this developer, who Coffeezilla spoke to over the course of his research, claims that despite hiring a team of 30 engineers and spending $50,000 a week to develop the NFT project, he was not paid at all for his work on CryptoZoo.

Another CryptoZoo developer, Coffeezilla, corroborated the claim and said it was also unpaid. Not only did Paul’s fans suffer a massive loss after investing in CryptoZoo, but it looks like the people who worked on the project weren’t even paid properly or on time.

If you watch all the other streamers, influencers and youtubers with their crypto scams, then you should definitely have learned one thing: you can’t trust your idols and it’s better to keep your money to yourself before you make a loss.

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