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Once again, the market capitalization of the entire crypto market falls to the lowest of the year. The value of all digital currencies is currently around $791 billion and Bitcoin is also listed below $16,500 for a short time. As the weekend approaches, it is likely that the crypto market will pull back further and form a new yearly low. The market capitalization could fall back below $780 billion, as it did in November. We can then expect a slow but steady recovery in the new year. Meanwhile, some exciting coins are in the final presale stages that could easily outperform Bitcoin in the coming year.

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Even though Bitcoin has not advanced in value since November, market dominance has increased again. In November, it was still 38% and has now risen to 40% at the same rate. This means that the main digital currency is currently suffering less from sales than other coins. Ethereum also remains quite stable near the $1,200 mark and also maintains its market share at 18.4%. In return, more and more shares are being distributed away from the back seats. The total market capitalization of bitcoin is currently over $317 billion. Over the weekend, however, there could be a chance that a new 30-day low will form and the current price of $16,500 will fall below the $16,398 mark. However, support can be expected around $16,300 at the latest and the bulls could regain the upper hand. Do not expect a drop below the $16,000 mark. Heading into the new year, it looks like a slow but steady rally above $17,000 and even a crack at $18,000 in January. From the current price, it would take an upside of around 9% to break above the $18,000 mark again. The current price stability, which has now lasted for some time, could again attract many new investors in the new year. As soon as a breakout of the sideways move is successful, the next uptrend could kick in soon, even if not as strong as in 2020, it could take the price back towards $20,000 in the medium term in the second quarter of 2023. Compared to the current price level, this would require an increase of around 21%.

Larger price jumps are to be expected for Altcoins

Even though Bitcoin will likely only rise slowly over the coming year and should not be expected to multiply from the current price, there are alternatives that could easily perform significantly better here. Especially with smaller coins with a lower market capitalization, a ten to a hundred times increase in price within a few weeks is not uncommon to see if the respective coin meets the appropriate requirements. Along with D2T and FGHT, there are two tokens around Dash 2 Trade and FightOut that have this base and could explode in the coming year.

D2T – Trade Dash 2

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The D2T is a coin that could bring joy, especially to those who decide quickly. The presale will last exactly one week before the token is listed on the premier crypto exchange on January 11, 2023. D2T has earned over $11 million in presale and has sold over 85% of the time. Such a successful early sale is rarely successful and demonstrates a high level of interest and the possibility of generating huge returns in 2023. Besides the potential return, D2T token holders also have the benefit of receiving crypto trading signals. On the Dash 2 Trade platform, countless data is evaluated using AI and as soon as a coin takes a certain direction, D2T holders receive a signal and can act accordingly. In addition to the signal service, Dash 2 Trade provides many other tools that make it easier for traders to trade coins and increase portfolio performance. This makes D2T a coin that, in addition to great public interest, also has a strong use case. This means that D2T has the potential to multiply the capital invested for its investors in the coming year. There are still pre-sale D2T tokens here, while some are still available.

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RIA-Calvaria-Duels of Eternity

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The $RIA is also in the final presale phase and is over 84% sold out. $RIA is the cryptocurrency of the Calvaria universe. Calvaria – Duels of Eternity is a Play 2 Earn NFT trading card game. The player chooses an army to join in the underworld and battles their challengers with NFT cards. Cards can be upgraded for battle or traded on their own NFT market for additional tokens. Even in regular tournaments, players often have the opportunity to win extra coins. With its 3D characters, a mobile version and a PC version, as well as the possibility of playing for free without Play 2 Earn function, Calvaria – Duels of Eternity stands out from the competition and turns the $RIA token into a coin with a lot of potential for the coming year. Since the best idea is useless if it is not well known and the coin remains worthless for a long time, it is always important to take a look at how the presale works. Over 135 million tokens have already been sold on $RIA. Thus, more than 84% of the available coins are sold out, which is another indication that the RIA could explode after being listed on crypto exchanges. So if you want to diversify your portfolio for 2023 and create the opportunity to multiply capital employed, you can always secure $RIAs in presale, as long as there are still some left. Click here for the latest RIA tokens available.

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