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Dogecoin is one of the biggest losers of the last 30 days. With the current loss of 4%, the total loss over the past 30 days is over 35%. This puts the price of a DOGE at $0.06796 at the moment, around 91% below its all-time high of $0.7376. Coins of a similar magnitude are trading even further below their recent highs. Solana, for example, is now 96% below its all-time high. The biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are also around 75% below their highs. Dogecoin is yet to lose 8th place in the crypto ranking of the largest coins by market capitalization, but Cardano is slowly coming within reach and could soon send DOGE to ninth place. The total circulation value of all Dogecoins is currently $9 billion, while Cardano (ADA) has $8.3 billion. Considering that DOGE was originally a meme coin and Cardano is bringing powerful utility to the crypto space, it seems only a matter of time before these two coins switch places.

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The DOGE was more than double the value a short time ago and threatens to fall even further. A further drop in the crypto market is to be expected over the weekend and, in addition to Bitcoin, the 10 riskiest coins in particular are losing more capital in this move. Even Elon Musk, who has often driven the price higher in the past, should have little time in the coming days to inspire the DOGE price with good news with the developments around Tesla and Twitter. Support could be expected at the $0.06 area, however, this would mean a further 11% decline for Dogecoin. If the support in the $0.6 area also fails to hold, there would be further support levels at $0.57 and $0.52. However, with DOGE, you never know when a tweet will reappear, causing the price to increase by another 100% in the short term.

While Dogecoin developments remain quite unpredictable, two other cryptocurrencies are in the cards for 2023. Along with $FGHT and the TARO token come 2 coins that are resisting the bear market and could multiply their price in 2023. All that was necessary for this in the past is fulfilled by these two pieces. A high level of awareness, a solid use case and a focus on growing markets. As on the stock exchange, these are the best conditions for a company – and therefore also for a cryptocurrency – to trigger high demand and thus a high price. While FightOut (FGHT) builds on the Move 2 Earn sector, which is also hugely popular with crypto newbies, RobotEra (TARO) builds on the hype surrounding the Metaverse and comes around the corner with its own virtual universe.

Fight (FGHT)

FightOut is a project that pops up every few years at most and could revolutionize entire industries in the coming year. Fitness studios often live off their customers, who sign up with the best of intentions, especially around the turn of the year, and after a short time don’t show up because they quickly lose motivation. The studios benefit from it, but not the health of the subscribers. These usually haven’t come out of contracts for years and instead of increasing their fitness, they’ve only increased their frustration. With FightOut, that could soon be over. Here, sport is not only rewarded, but also combined with a playful approach. An NFT avatar attaches to the real person and evolves with the training you do in real life.

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Pokemon Go has shown that people are willing to go to great lengths to progress virtually in real life. If you want to strengthen your character in the FightOut metaverse, you have to work hard in real life. If a well-developed avatar is not enough of an incentive, you will also be rewarded with cryptocurrency for workouts and can further motivate yourself through daily challenges against other participants. FightOut thus takes the Move 2 Earn concept to the next level and builds bridges on how the metaverse can blend into everyday life. This makes the FGHT token one of the hottest coins for 2023. $FGHT has the potential to multiply in price over the coming year after listing on the premier crypto exchange. Analysts predict price increases of up to 10,000% (x100). Given that much less innovative projects have generated similar returns in the past, these estimates also seem extremely likely. $FGHT has already raised over $2 million in presale in just a few days, which means the presale could close sooner than expected. If you still want to take advantage of the opportunity, you can always buy presale $FGHT here, as long as availability is still given.

RobotEra (TARO)

A whole new metaverse is being created around RobotEra. Users can actively shape and develop 7 continents here. They can visit virtual museums or attend their favorite band’s concert with friends. From the comfort of your living room, while VR and AR integration makes you feel like you’re really there. Last year, The Sandbox showed the possibilities associated with such a metaverse and the amount of money that can flow into it.

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Hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid for real estate NFTs in the sandbox metaverse by stars and corporations over the past year, so as not to lose their relevance in virtual universes. This quickly shows what opportunities the TARO token has in store. This is currently still available in the first phase of the presale, where it trades for 0.020 USDT. The big advantage is, among other things, that the price is increased in the later stages of the sale and investors in the first stage can already register a book profit. In the next step, the price is raised to 0.025 USDT, which is a book profit of 25%. The fact that more than 32 million TARO tokens have already been sold indicates that the price could increase significantly once the presale ends. TARO could lead to a tenfold increase in capital in the coming year and thus yield a return of 1,000%. This makes TARO one of the coins with the greatest potential for the coming year and could provide much-needed portfolio diversification during the crypto winter. Buy now TARO at 0.020 USDT before the price reaches 0.025 USDT.

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