This new NFT game could become the next Axie Infinity in 2023 and explode by 800% | 12/29/22

Less than 16% of the tokens reserved for the presale are still available. In total, around $400,000 could be invested in Calvaria’s current early sale before the targeted hard cap is hit and the IEO at BKEX will follow in January 2023. Investors should hurry given that crypto whales have also invested in Calvaria in the past. If momentum picks up a bit, the presale could end quickly – investors won’t have long to buy the native gaming token that aspires to become the new Axie Infinity at an exchange rate of 1 USDT: 30.77 RIA .

With player numbers on Axie Infinity dwindling and the AXS token plummeting heavily, the creators of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity want to hit the mass market. Then, the RIA token could explode by 800% and more as early as 2023.

At Calvary

Players Turn Away From Axie Infinity, AXS Token Crashes

Infinite course of the ax

The development at Axie Infinity is spectacular to say the least. After some recovery attempts in November, the native AXS token is currently trading at around $6.25. Axie Infinity reached its all-time high in November 2021 at around $165. This means that the price losses since the record are greater than 96%. The number of players has also fallen sharply – since the beginning of the year, more and more players have turned away from Axie Infinity and are looking for alternative options in the promising play-2-earn segment.

Will this NFT game become the new Axie Infinity?

Crypto gaming brought the play-2-earn approach to the gaming industry. Using blockchain technology, the goal was to create a transparent environment where players are rewarded for their participation and good performance – rewards are then distributed in native tokens. Nevertheless, the play-2-earn segment is dynamic, the crypto market is constantly changing. Once players turn away from Axie Infinity, it will be difficult to regain favor with the masses. However, new games in particular have potential. Because the gambling trend is intact, crypto adoption is growing.

With Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, makers build on the well-known concept of an NFT trading card game in which players secure trading cards that are immutable and uniquely represented as non-fungible tokens. You now create an individual deck of cards to compete against other players. At the same time, however, officials are taking a special route by releasing a free smartphone app that will help mainstream gamers enter the crypto world more easily.


The crypto-whale relies on Calvaria

About 16% of RIA tokens reserved for presale are still available. But at the end of the presale, everything could happen quickly. The IEO will start in January. Moreover, crypto whales could also rely on Calvaria: Duels of Eternity again and increase the presale momentum. On-chain data is already revealing interest in crypto-whales. Because a whale invested about $100,000 in the new NFT game in early December – apparently the main investor, whose identity is unknown, is betting on a successful development of the NFT game and/or a rally in the native RIA token . Private investors could positively interpret the crypto-whale interest and position themselves accordingly.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity: unique design with various USPs

But why do experts or traders trust NFT Calvaria game with native RIA token to have above average performance? In addition to the combination of a free smartphone application and a Web3 application, Calvaria relies on other features that stand out from the competition around Unchained Gods or Splinterlands.

Calvaria presale

For example, Calvaria will have a story mode that leads to a realistic fantasy world. At the same time, 3D characters are used to make the gaming experience much more vivid. A separate DAO is expected to manage the promising NFT game, while a P2P marketplace handles transactions between individual players – incidentally, these will all take place via the Polygon blockchain to ensure transactions are cheap and secure. .

Buy Calvaria (RIA) coins in presale

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