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Both on the technical side of the chart and on the fundamental level, there are signals that could speak of an entry or a further increase in the meta platforms – but one after the other.

Meta Platforms stock, still known to many investors as Facebook stock, suffered a severe crash in late October after the release of quarterly figures for the third quarter of 2022. The stock has been at its lowest for a few weeks now and is showing relative strength against the broader market. The stock has been able to decouple very significantly from the NASDAQ 100 in recent weeks. While the big tech index has tended to be weak in recent days, meta platforms have been able to stabilize further. The map image continues to give hope for background formation which will soon be complete. For this, the stock would need to trade at a daily closing price above US$126. If this happens, it could be a first technical chart signal and it would open up new price fantasies.

Meta Platforms 2-Year Chart

Meta Platforms 2-Year Chart

Other signals also leave room for the imagination. Meta platforms could also benefit from a good holiday season. Data from Google (NASDAQ:) Search shows that Meta (NASDAQ:) Quest 2 – Meta’s VR glasses – was searched most often around the Christmas season. The companion app also entered the top 5 apps in Apple’s App Store (NASDAQ:). It also shows that the Meta Quest 2 must have been under the Christmas tree more often and has now arrived in many homes. Meta-Platforms invests a lot of money in virtual reality and the metaverse. The biggest sources of income are still advertising money from Facebook, Instagram and messaging services like WhatsApp. But these are in decline and Mark Zuckerberg is aware that he must bring this new type of internet to as many people as possible, otherwise it will be a very difficult year for him and his company.

At least there are now a number of singals that give hope. Investors can position themselves here at an early stage. Because if Meta-Platforms could really surprise with the next quarterly figures, it can quickly rise to 150 US dollars and more.

All the details are also briefly summarized here in the video. Do you have any questions? Feel free to put them in the comments.

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