Living The future of life: lampholders made from recycled fishing nets

A recent comment from Georgina Laird, Senior Responsible Investment Associate at Aegon Asset Management:

With the current energy crisis and the shift to hybrid work models since the pandemic, households are becoming more tech-centric and smarter with each passing year. Coupled with a decline in affordable housing and a shift in the way we work and live, these issues have led to a realignment in consumer demand, with many realizing the importance of making their homes more energy efficient.

Products for this are, for example, smart thermostats, light bulbs, security cameras, door locks or pet cameras, which increase comfort, safety and energy efficiency. At the industrial level, there are e.g. B. efficient electrical networks or modular construction in the construction sector.

These are just a few of the ways our homes could evolve, both inside and out, in the years to come. Our ability to evolve technologies and enable new solutions for sustainable building practices will be key to the successful transition to a net zero home.

In our opinion, the following companies are well positioned to take advantage of this trend:


Schneider Electric is a French multinational specializing in digital automation and energy management, developing smart household appliances, in particular smart thermostats. This allows owners or tenants to monitor the consumption of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and improve energy management. More recently, Schneider Electric reinforced its commitment to sustainability and made the first switch and socket from recycled fishing nets.

At this year’s CES 2022 Innovation Awards, Schneider Electric won four awards for sustainability and smart home leadership. The group’s Wiser Energy Center was recognized in the Sustainability and Smart Home categories for redefining household energy management and resilience.

Emerson Electric

Emerson is an American company that manufactures solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer technologies worldwide and is represented in our range of sustainable funds. Emerson helps customers, from individuals to multinational corporations, optimize production processes, increase energy efficiency and protect food quality, to name a few.

The company’s Lumity Site Supervisor provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning utilization, cooling management, lighting, and building controls that can be used to reduce energy consumption. Emerson’s suite of Sensiā„¢ smart home solutions helps customers manage and achieve their heating and cooling efficiency goals in homes and businesses. In early 2022, Emerson partnered with Ameren Missouri to offer Sensi smart thermostats to Ameren Missouri customers looking to lower their heating bills while saving energy.

Alfen S.A.

Alfen NV defines itself as “at the heart of the electricity grid” and, with its three main business areas – smart grids, electric vehicle (EV) charging systems and energy storage solutions – offers important concepts to facilitate the green energy transition. The company also offers innovative solutions such as charging stations, smart charging, load balancing and smart home devices. In addition to these products, Alfen also offers users ongoing remote support and monitoring.

Smart metering systems

Smart Metering Systems, included in our UK Sustainability Fund, are helping to shape the future of smart energy. The company offers a complete energy service where it installs, operates and manages smart meters, EV chargers and battery storage systems that enable a smarter, greener and more flexible energy system.

Using figures derived from the number of residential smart meters managed and annual residential consumption savings, Smart Metering Systems claims to have saved 121,421 tons of energy.

The future of life: lampholders made from recycled fishing nets

Photo by Georgina Laird (Credit: Aegon AM)

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