Bolivian opposition leader Camacho arrested

La Paz/Santa Cruz, December 29 – Bolivia has arrested prominent opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho. In the background, there are allegations of a coup attempt three years ago. Prosecutors said late Wednesday that the arrest of the 43-year-old right-wing Santa Cruz-area governor was tied to the 2019 ouster of left-leaning former president Evo Morales. Details have been mentioned.

This is fueling tensions between the leftist government of President Luis Arce and Camacho’s base in the wealthy agricultural center of Santa Cruz. Camacho was defeated in the 2020 presidential election by socialist Arce, who was economy minister under Morales.

Camacho dismissed the allegations as false and unreliable. He was “brutally kidnapped” by police, he said on Twitter. He is proud of his role in the struggle for “freedom and democracy” in Bolivia. Ex-president Morales tweeted that he hoped Camacho’s arrest would bring justice. “Finally, after three years, Luis Fernando Camacho will answer for the coup that led to robberies, persecutions, arrests and massacres by the de facto government.” Morales resigned in November 2019 after nearly 14 years as president Election fraud allegations against him had led to mass protests.

Camacho is the second high-ranking political figure to be arrested in connection with Morales’ ousting. Former President Jeanine Anez, who took over as interim president after Morales was ousted, was jailed last year. The conservative politician was found guilty by a court of organizing a coup and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Camacho’s arrest follows weeks of protests in Santa Cruz that he led. Protesters had blocked roads and halted trade because the government had delayed a new census that would likely bring more tax revenue and parliamentary seats to Santa Cruz. After Camacho’s arrest, new protests erupted in parts of Santa Cruz, including the district attorney’s office building, which was set on fire. According to the media, the security forces used tear gas.

Bolivian opposition leader Camacho arrested

Source: Reuters

Photo symbol: Image by falco on Pixabay

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