This coin could become the new “The Sandbox” – RobotEra, the new Play2Earn end times –

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Play2Earn Games really took off in 2021, which was probably also due to the pandemic. In 2022, however, things looked very different. The crypto crisis also left its mark on Play2Earn games, “The Sandbox” even dropped by around 84%. The price of a SAND token is currently around $0.41. This puts the coin quite far from its all-time high in 2021. The game actually has everything that makes a good Play2Earn game. A large open world, the possibility of being a player and a creator and of course the Play2Earn option. Nevertheless, players are fleeing the platform and looking for alternatives. One of them could be the new RobotEra game.

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What are sandbox games actually

To put it simply, as a gamer, you can really let off steam creatively in sandbox games. You can explore the open world, interact with it and create a world according to your own ideas.

Probably the best-known sandbox game on Web2 is the evergreen Minecraft, in which players can create entire worlds. The evergreen of ARK: Survival Evolved is closely followed. Even in games like GTA V or Fallout, you can now find sandbox elements. The combination with blockchain takes this genre to the next level. RobotEra combines the Play2Earn game principle with a story with depth.

What is RobotEra?

Anyone who loves The Sandbox and/or Minecraft and likes a deep story will probably feel right at home in RobotEra. As a player, you slip into the role of a robot in the Play2Earn game and have the task of making a planet habitable again. The planet Taro has been almost completely destroyed by a devastating war between the natives and the robots. Both parties did not survive. What remains is a new robotic species with a human mind. These bots are NFT. This means that they really belong to the player, which can be proven by the blockchain.

You can choose from a total of seven different classes. There’s Guardian Song, Omega, Justice League, Pioneer, War Academy, Lava, and Desire Paradise. All of these classes are distinguished by individual properties. There are also companion bots with different attributes and abilities. These can, for example, extract minerals and raw materials or build factories. These robotic companions are NFT. But what would a sandbox game be without the world around it? At RobotEra, there are the “Seven Continents of the New World”. This world wants to be explored by players. Here you will find, for example, the raw materials you need to make a companion robot. Resources can be found on the public continent. This world also wants to be explored and has one or two surprises in store. Last but not least, there is your own continent. Each player who has an NFT robot receives it. Sacred trees also play a major role, and members of different robot classes take great care of them and can enjoy them together.

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Earn money with RobotEra

The team behind RobotEra aims to deliver an immersive gaming experience to all gamers. You can earn money in different ways in the game.

NFT Trade

Any player who owns a continent can earn money from NFTs they create themselves. These include companion robots. The land can also be sold or rented. NFT can be traded on the market and in some cases also with third-party providers


There will also be an opportunity to stake TARO. In certain circumstances, this can generate passive income.


You can also earn TARO by mining, exploring, or participating in certain events.

RobotEra’s main focus will be Play2Earn, something other providers have overlooked. Above all, games should be fun and provide added value to players. In RobotEra, players cannot only earn money. A colorful ecosystem should be created in which players can exchange ideas and interact with each other.

RobotEra Part

Buy Taro in Presale

The game’s native token can currently be purchased on presale. This takes place in two phases, during which 90 million tokens are sold. The first phase is still ongoing. One TARO costs US$0.020 and only 31,752,630 tokens have been sold so far. In the next phase, the price of a TARO token drops to $0.025.

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RobotEra is serious

At least since the Squid Game Coin scam, in which fraudsters took away around US$3.3 million, investors have been extremely wary of new coins. The RobotEra team has been verified by Coinsniper, which means the risk of a RugPull is almost zero. The contract code has been verified by SharkTeam with the result that it is fully guaranteed and safe.

Here for the RobotEra presale

Last updated on December 28, 2022

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