Stock market recap – These stocks were the winners of 2022

The year 2022 is slowly coming to an end, at this point it is time for a little stock market review. Looking back, 2022 is generally a year that characterized by various crises is. The epidemic in Ukraine, for example, has inevitably led to the unbalanced international supply chains are advised. In addition, the heavy dependence on Russian gas and oil has led to a energy shortage and linked to Energy prices at all time highs. The consequences for the economy, in particular the Record inflation, are still clearly noticeable. But each market phase also produces winners, I will present to you the winning shares of 2022 in the following article.

Rheinmetall SA

with 128.39% increase Rheinmetall stock is clearly one of the winners in 2022. The stock’s value has increased, especially after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The reason is clear: armament companies in particular profited from the outbreak of war. Rheinmetall is one German arms group and automotive supplier, which, in addition to tanks, also produces various weapon systems and ammunition. The Leopard main battle tank is one of Rheinmetall’s best-known products.

Last year the band had a Turnover of 5.66 billion euros marked and a Profit of 614 million euros excluded. For the current fiscal year will the management of a 15% increase in sales with a simultaneous increase in profit compared to the previous year. The latest quarterly figures published confirm that there is a strong probability that the objective will be achieved.

Despite the immense increase, the share shows a solid PBV of 2.9 on the PER amounts to 5:50 p.m. Regularly distributes one to all shareholders dividend from the latter to 2.03 percent at the current rate of EUR 193.65.

western oil society

The next company I want to introduce to you is Occidental Petroleum Corporation, an American company specializing in Specialized in oil and gas extraction A. Over the past 12 months, the The stock more than doubled in value to 117.04%. Due to the Russian aggression war and the shortage of energy, especially in Europe, the sales and profit outlook has changed significantly. One of the well-known and loyal investors is Warren Buffett.

During the last financial year, the company 24.40 billion euros generated and with him a Profit of 10.72 billion euros hit. According to current estimates, the Increase in sales of more than 40% compared to the previous year, also associated with a profit above the level of the previous year. Recently, the company has invested heavily in share buybacks and debt repayments.

In the end it came down to Price/pound ratio at 3.79 and the P/E ratio at 7.2. Occidental also pays one to its shareholders dividend from the latter to 0.71 percent at the current rate of 59.99.

Chevron Corporation

The Chevron Corporation is also an American group in the energy sector. herringbone is one of the largest oil companies in the world and thus largely profited from the shortage of energy in Europe following the Russian war of aggression. Throughout the year Chevron stock rose 51.22% significantly.

Along with the course, sales and profits also increased significantly, in 2021 it was sales volume still at 146.27 billion euros and the Profit at 14.56 billion euros. In the second quarter of the year, Chevron posted record profits, followed by another record third quarter. From Earnings increased 49.06% year-on-year to. According to current estimates, the Current year sales are more than 50% higher than 2021. Looking to the future, the US government recently approved oil exploration in Venezuela, the country where Chevron has invested heavily in the past.

The stock recently rose with a solid KBV of 2.20 and an PER of 10:43 note. the Distribution of dividends cheated last 3.1% at the current rate of EUR 168.18.

Merck & Co.

Merck is a pharmaceutical company of the United States, specializing in the development, production and marketing of high quality medicines and innovative products. The company is currently one of world leaders in its industry. Over the past year, the stock has a Price gain of 46.34% save. In the past few weeks in particular, the stock has fallen due to Top news in the development of a cancer vaccine increased significantly.

During the last fiscal year, Merck achieved a Total turnover of 45.78 billion euros and pointed at a Profit of 12.41 billion euros outside. Management is counting on this for the current fiscal year Revenue growth of 20-21%.

Looking at the fundamentals, Merck stock has a PBV of 5.81 and one PER of 16.46 Reserve. As with all the shares listed above, Merck also pays one dividend out, last 2.78 percent at the rate of 105.21 euros.

Total energies

TotalEnergies is a French company energy companypriority in the Extraction of oil and natural gas work. In addition to financing, the group operates many of its own service stations. For the past few months, the TotalEnergies share has also been impacted 32.64 percent increased significantly in value and is one of the big beneficiaries in 2022.

In the third quarter of the current fiscal year, the Profit about 43% higher than the same quarter of the previous year. Current forecasts also indicate that Increase in sales of approximately 40% in fiscal year 2022 the. For comparison: within the year 2021 deposit the won Sales at 184.63 billion eurosthe Profit at 24.82 billion euros.

Despite the strong price rally, the stock is fundamentally priced low KBV lies by 1.20the PER at 6.48. The last distributed dividend amounts to 4.78 percent at the rate of 59.10 euros.

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