Linkedin voice Laura Bornmann about the old and the new year

Laura Bornman traded her brilliant corporate career for a job in a startup: she is now the CEO of Startup Teens. And that’s what she plans to do in 2023.

Startup Teens Initiative Lead Laura Bornmann wrote a learning note for 2023. Among other things, it says: Learn to better understand the metaverse.
Farina Deutschmann

Laura Bornmann is one of the first “HR influencers”. As head of human resources development at Rewe Dortmund, she was not only responsible for the needs of around 18,000 employees, she also built up a huge following on LinkedIn, established herself as a brand and became a speaker sought on HR topics. At the age of 31, she changed jobs in October this year and since then has been running the operational activities of Startup Teens vzw together with Jenny Maertens.

How do you spend the “days between years”?

Since my mother passed away way too early five years ago, I’m always a bit melancholic at the end of the year. But I try to use the time to calm down, spend time with my loved ones, and look back on the past year with gratitude.

Are you working or is digital detox advertised?

It depends on how we define work. For me, the borders are rather fluid. I will definitely take time to reflect on the past year, think about goals for next year – personally and professionally – and read books and articles in peace. So for all the things that are often overlooked in our hectic daily life. These phases are important to recharge your batteries, but also so that new ideas can emerge in the first place. And I hope I put my cell phone aside more often.

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Are you feeling the effects of the economic crisis on Startup Teens?

In fact, our demand is even growing. More and more companies are faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining young talent. Because this is the basic condition for success in the future and for being able to survive numerous crises unscathed or reinforced. We have answers to that.

What gives you hope for 2023?

Social cohesion. The past few years have shown that we humans support each other and stick together when it matters most.

what scares you

War! Neither my heart nor my head understands why we still wage war in an enlightened world.

Who has particularly impressed you on social media over the past year?

Tatiana Kiel (CEO of Klitschko Ventures and the #WeAreAllUkrainians initiative, editor’s note). It’s amazing how passionately she uses her voice in general and on social media to bring attention to the war in Ukraine and to help people there.

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Who had the biggest neck pain of all in 2022?

I get annoyed with people who harass and criticize others all day, but don’t change anything for the better themselves. Never before have we needed people so much to take responsibility and lend a hand.

What did you learn new this year?

Many. For example, I realized once again that something big and new can only happen if we are brave and step out of our comfort zone.

What do you want to learn new next year?

I would like to better understand future topics and new technologies such as Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain etc. Although new technologies are often overestimated in the short term, they are underestimated in the long term. I am convinced that they will fundamentally change our lives and our world of work and that they can make them better. I would like to make a contribution here.

What’s been the best business advice you’ve received this year?

I got it from my mentor Anahita Thoms: “You can be warm and tough at the same time.”

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During the past year, how many days have you wanted to get up?

I can count the days on one hand. Seriously: I always have so many ideas and things to do in my head that sleeping is often unthinkable.

do you make your bed every morning

In any case, there are no exceptions. I always drink coffee in the morning and listen to The Pioneer Briefing by Gabor Steinart. I wish I could also say that I meditate or exercise every morning, but unfortunately I don’t.

If you had an extra hour a day, how would you spend it?

I would use them to read books or to call good friends. Maybe I’ll finally start meditating.

Bad buy of the year: What would you have preferred to spend less money on in 2022?

Probably for ice cream. I really eat a lot of ice cream, but I know too much sugar is unhealthy.

What do you want to spend money on in 2023?

For holidays and beautiful experiences with people who are important to me.

And why not (more)?

I question material consumption much more critically today than before.

A book, a film, a podcast, please.

Book: “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker (after which you fundamentally change your sleep habits)
Film: “The Little Lord” (a Christmas essential)
Podcast: “Fast & Curious” with Verena Pausder and Lea-Sophie Cramer (so honest, authentic and inspiring)

Everything will be alright?

Yes! It’s in our hands.

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