Digital works: The Sisi NFT collection arrives

Digital works
The Sisi NFT collection is coming

Starting today, anyone who wants to own a magnificent dress of a legendary Austrian empress as a piece of digital art can do so. First, there are three dresses from the RTL+ “Sisi” series as NFT. Others will follow.

Even during her lifetime, Sisi was a style icon, and the Austrian Empress’ elegance and fashion sense are still legendary. Starting today, fans have the option to secure the gorgeous dresses from the RTL+ series of the same name as digital artwork, called NFT. First, three majestic dresses are available for purchase in limited quantities.

An NFT, short for Non-Fungible Token, is a certificate of authenticity for digital goods such as art, images or music. Like analog products, these may be copied or duplicated, but the original belongs solely to the buyer. This creates scarcity value and allows for resale.

NFTs are no longer a new internet phenomenon. Online art is increasingly entering the mainstream, even trading for record sums at the famous auction house Christie’s. “We would also like to offer fans of the series who are dealing with NFTs for the first time an easy entry into the world of digital collectibles,” explains RTL+’s Julia Bell. For the streaming platform’s first NFTs, costumes from the original series were artistically translated into digital form.

The difference with many other NFTs: Sisi dresses are available at affordable prices and can be paid for using conventional methods instead of cryptocurrencies. This opens up a way for interested fans to dive into the NFT scene without too much prior knowledge. “But of course we are also happy if the long-established NFT community should be there,” says Bell.

NFTs are not without controversy in the online world, critical voices only see them as objects of speculation. “But we don’t want to generate artificial hype. It’s more about looking at new technologies with open eyes,” Bell counters. “Even for little money, fans of the series get a lovingly modeled work of art.” RTL+ wishes to interact with newcomers and NFT experts, for example via a newsletter. Of course, anyone who has obtained a Sisi Digital Dress can also trade it in the public markets.

An outfit can be purchased for as little as five euros

A blockchain acts as a digital database so the owners of NFTs can be clearly attributed. The technology is considered to be particularly energy-intensive and therefore not climate-friendly. “That’s why we chose Flow, a next-generation blockchain network designed specifically for NFTs that uses a lot less power,” says Bell. Anyone who purchases a Sisi NFT also receives the dress as an augmented reality file and an exclusive preview of the filming of the second season. Showrunner Andreas Gutzeit takes owners on a digital set tour.

The first drop contains three dresses from Sisi’s younger years in varying quantities. An outfit of the famous monarch can already be purchased for five euros. Edition: 200 pieces. The “Resistance Dress” costs 25 euros, but with 50 originals available it is more exclusive. Anyone who wants to own a particularly rare piece of digital art can get the “Robe of Determination” for 75 euros – limited to just ten copies. Five more drops, each with three dresses from the first and second seasons, follow.

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