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Time to Token: NFTs must grow

Cologne (ots) – The time has come for cheap NFTs that are sold expensive

more than. “The fashionable blockchain securitizations are in recent months

just like the crypto market,” says Uwe Zimmer,

Managing Director of Time to Token IT GmbH. “And that’s good, because it allows

Market to grow. The foundations for this have already been laid in 2022.

“The path moves away from projects that only exist thanks to the underlying nature

technology are in vogue,” says Zimmer. “What good is a bad image

added value just because it’s on the blockchain?” The sharp drop in the

Crypto Markets and the Significant Drop in Demand Associated

NFTs are designed to shrink an inflated market.

According to figures from data watcher Cryptoslam, NFT sales were still in

January and February 2022 between 200 and 300 million US dollars per day.

“Currently, we are seeing buying activity between 10 and 30 million a day,” explains

Bedroom. The number of buyers has also decreased accordingly, from around 150,000

assets per day in January 2022 to just over 30,000 today. “This

development was predictable,” says Zimmer. “There was a lack of quality, often with

AI software generated images quickly created then on the known

NFT platforms were exploited and sold just as quickly.”

In 2023, completely different projects will dominate the discussion. “The artistic section is

again a pioneer here,” says Zimmer. “As of 2022, the path was moving away from the masses

towards the class. For example, at Van Ham’s fall auction, a

leading German auction house, the majority of NFTs are no longer

just hit opensea or other platforms. “Smart contracts that

describing the essence of an NFT are increasingly part of the work and

elaborately programmed accordingly,” says Zimmer.

For example, time functions or special rights can be set up so that work on

raise a new level. “Also the connection with the real world, hybrid NFTs,

are such a quality upgrade,” says Zimmer

German watchmaker Hanhart has created an NFT watch that has been sold at auction

and which includes the right to have the watch built.

In 2023, other forms of NFT will gain in importance. “This includes

Enterprise NFTs,” Zimmer says. “With these proprietary NFTs, a

Create a corporate identity by looking at profiles in social networks like

Avatars can be used.” Access permissions or incentives can be used in this way

also be tracked and displayed.

There is also an intersection here with community building, which is also done with NFTs

is elevated to a new level. “We are currently working on a project that

Cooperation with an evangelical church a new form of

Fundraising and co-management of donations was made possible,” says Zimmer.

a new form of community emerges here which can have a say in decisions – also via


About Time to Token IT GmbH

The digital studio, founded in Cologne in 2021, builds bridges between

real and virtual world. As a full service provider for tokenization,

Blockchain and NFT provide all necessary steps of Time to Token

Project planning and consulting until the finished project. As specialists in

Plans and implements tokenizations for hybrid NFTs and for digital assets

Time to Token NFT projects for individual artists, large companies or

establishments. Moreover, there is the construction of virtual and real

Exhibition space for digital art or digital spaces for

Events. NFTs can also be assessed in cooperation with the auction house Van Ham

and sold or auctioned.

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