The 4 trillion euro giant, Fidelity, pushes for adoption –

Already last week, the American asset management company “Fidelity Investments” filed three trademark applications for a crypto and Web 3 strategy.

Registered trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis tweeted the contents of the document filed with the United States Trademark Office (USPTO). As a result, Fidelity Investments plans to use NFTs, its own NFT marketplace, and extensive crypto services in the metaverse.

One of the key areas of the company seems to be the metaverse. Because the investment giant plans, among other things, the integration of investment funds, pension funds, financial management, real estate investments and payment transactions in virtual worlds. As a provider of financial services such as crypto asset exchange, digital currency payment processing, and trading services, Fidelity Investments wants to position itself as a crypto exchange in the metaverse:

The company plans to provide “e-wallet services in the form of electronic storage and processing of virtual currencies for digital payments and transactions over a global computer network,” the filing said.

As a bridge between traditional financial services and CeFi offerings, Fidelity also integrates the financial management of credit card accounts into the metaverse. By connecting fiat electronic payments and crypto transfers, the well-known company could contribute to the mass adoption of Web 3 and crypto applications.

Fidelity Investments as a strong education and adoption partner

In addition to financial services for traditional securities, fiat currencies, NFTs and crypto assets, Fidelity plans to incorporate educational elements into its virtual presence. Thus, “courses, workshops, seminars and conferences in the fields of investments, financial planning and marketing” are on the program.. Due to the experience and reputation of the company, we can expect high quality content.

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And the money management company’s newsletters should also include both the Metaverse and crypto industry developments going forward.. In doing so, Fidelity is actively expanding the reach and integration of these topics into the world of finance.

In November, we announced the launch of Fidelity’s own trading platform. The financial services provider had previously made a name for itself by offering a crypto retirement savings plan. Although the company has a long history, it focuses on young users as a target group. Young investors aged 18-35 opened more than half of all new private client accounts in 2022. Additionally, the younger age group has accounted for more than 40% of new customers for seven consecutive quarters.

Crypto loyalty
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Also of note, Fidelity sought to bolster its crypto unit by hiring 100 new employees in October, while many other crypto firms have laid off significant numbers of employees this year. Hopefully this positive news influences the momentum for 2023 and other big players jump on the crypto rail.

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