Metaverse stocks are a joke, crypto stocks a million dollar opportunity

Metaverse stock could benefit from a global megatrend that is still in its infancy. Everyone knows that those who invest early in big trends have at best a multi-million dollar advantage.

Or simply bet on the wrong horse if the hoped-for megatrend ultimately turns out to be nil. Nothing has been decided yet for the Metaverse. Market at 1,000 billion or zero: everything is still there.

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After all, anyone who dives deep into the Metaverse scene will have plenty to laugh about. And gets the realization that crypto stocks actually offer much better opportunities.

Almost all tech stocks are Metaverse stocks

The vast majority of people have only had a very vague idea of ​​the Metaverse. It is not very tangible and includes a wide variety of technologies.

It is virtual reality because users can maintain realistic contact with other users using VR glasses. At the same time, it is also a kind of marketplace where users can trade ownership rights to virtual goods through crypto stocks.

So almost all tech stocks are Metaverse stocks in one way or another. In order to implement the vision of virtual reality, the skills of chipmakers, social media groups and software specialists are needed.

In the Metaverse everything is possible and many of them are absolutely useless

Elon Musk asked a while ago where exactly this metaverse is. Since the world’s leading innovator is running out of time, I set out to find an answer.

I had plenty to laugh about. Because many hardcore VR activists have downright ridiculous metaverse ideas up their sleeves.

What I liked the most was the idea that aircraft development in the Metaverse will be much cheaper and faster. Unfortunately, when asked why I should get on a plane in a virtual world where I can be anywhere and nowhere in an instant anyway, I got no answer.

Crypto stocks do the trick

Honestly, the Metaverse is just a joke to me so far. Or, at best, a job creation plan for Silicon Valley venture capital, which seems a little bored lately.

I look at crypto stocks very differently. Because in my eyes, the crypto part of the metaverse is the part that will generate the most revenue anyway.

Waiting is too much information (WKN: 855681) went under crypto stocks. Just recently, the chip group announced brand new crypto mining chips. These should be able to compute around 1,000 times more efficiently than graphics cards.

Castle in the air or profitable business? The choice is not difficult!

Unlike the Metaverse, crypto mining is a very tangible activity. Powerful computers work on cryptonet security on behalf of users.

All you need is the right hardware and the cheapest energy possible. In addition, a request that allows the company to grow.

Basically, after twelve years of crypto boom, it is clear that the crypto market is here to stay. As obviously not everyone has realized yet, the real million dollar opportunity is lurking in crypto stocks.

Basically, you have to be grateful to everyone involved for the metaverse narrative. Because while everyone is focused on a virtual castle in the air, you can choose the best crypto stocks to your liking. Gorgeous!

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Stefan Naerger does not hold any of the shares mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of Intel and recommends the following options: long January 2023 $57.50 on Intel and short January 2023 $57.50 on Intel.

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