Metaverse Experience: Netflix partners with Metaverse Decentraland | for The Gray Man news

• Netflix recreates a scene from the movie “The Gray Man” in the Metaverse Decentraland
• Users can play the stage as a mission and earn clothes
• Netflix is ​​not the first company to have a Metaverse presence.

Netflix partners with Decentraland for The Gray Man promo

According to The Crypto News website, Netflix has recreated a scenery from the movie “The Gray Man” in the Metaverse Decentraland. The replica is meant to be a maze that users can interactively explore in the virtual world as a kind of game. Before entering the maze, listen to original music from the film and a guide by Ryan Gosling, the protagonist of The Gray Man. The reason you come across a maze of Netflix movies in the Metaverse is a collaboration between Netflix Latin America and Decentraland. This is mainly used for advertising purposes. As Decentraland Foundation Artistic Director Martin Shibuya explained to The Crypto News, by recreating an actual movie scene, the intention is not only to entice fans of the film, but also to attract users who find themselves at Decentraland to “The Gray Man” to inspire. They would discover the maze and play, which might inspire them to watch the movie. According to this, Netflix and Decentraland can benefit from each other’s “customers”.

The advertisement

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The Gray Man: Metaverse Mission

The labyrinth built in the Metaverse and the associated experience are billed as “The Gray Man: Metaverse Mission”. It’s kind of a game or challenge that’s supposed to be in the style of the Netflix spy thriller. “To be the best agent in the world, you have to be the best agent in the metaverse,” is how Decentraland describes the mission. Whoever finds the fountain in the maze the fastest and secures a USB drive with secret information can win so-called “wearables” for their avatar. The wearables are the characteristic looks of the three main agents: they are Sierra Six’s jacket, Lloyd’s mustache and polo shirt, and Miranda’s blazer and bucket hat. In order to find the fountain, users’ film-specific knowledge is put to the test in the form of a quiz or test. As a result, those with the most knowledge are the fastest through the maze.

More and more brands are entering the Metaverse

Netflix isn’t the first company to appear in the Metaverse to “promote a product.” According to Ledger Insights, there is now a real trend among brands to use new ways to contact customers in the metaverse. The goal is to open up new revenue streams and build consumer loyalty. Other companies already in Metaverse include JPMorgan and Fidelity banks. These would have acquired virtual ownership in Decentraland in the past. HSBC has also made progress towards becoming a digital landowner. Unlike its competitors, however, HSBC did not opt ​​for Decentraland, but for The Sandbox. Besides banks, fashion brands have also found their way into the Metaverse. According to Ledger Insights, Forever 21 and Dolce & Gabbana, among others, were part of Decentraland’s “Metaverse Fashion Week 2022.” Additionally, a Pride parade was held at Decentraland, of which MasterCard was the main sponsor. As can be seen, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to meet their customers in the virtual world these days.

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