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When Stepn launched in December 2021, almost everyone wanted to be there, the FitFi app promised, but earn money the easiest way: with your own steps you take every day. True to the motto: “If you move more, you earn more.”
What followed was a huge hype and just about everyone on Tiktok posted their accomplishments on the FitFi app. But as is the case with hypes, it didn’t last long. The project is slowly but surely running out of steam.

The Stepn Hype Is Over – And With It Comes The Big Awakening

It’s probably because the Move2Earn app has a very big problem. Before you start making money, you must first invest in it. Because if you want to use Stepn, you have to buy NFT sneakers first – and they’re expensive. Virtual shoes range from $500 to $1,000. Even if you have the shoes, you cannot start right away because the shoes need to be charged with energy first. You can walk about 10 minutes a day with NFT sneakers. The user is credited with a Green Satoshi Token (GST) for every minute of execution. It is the currency of the game. After the training session, you must first repair your sneakers so that you can continue to earn money. This in turn costs the GST. By the way, if you want to run longer, you need other NFT sneakers or you have to upgrade the ones you already have – and that costs money.



Move-to-earn game STEPN Coin (GMT) hit again by DDOS attacks

The user can then exchange the remaining GST to USDC and then back to FIAT currency through one of the exchanges. The price of a GST is currently around US$0.017. The rate for one GMT, Stepn’s native token, is currently around $0.29. If you own two pairs of shoes, you can create a new pair and sell them through a crypto exchange, but there is a 6% transaction fee.

Is Stepn a Ponzi scheme?

The FitFi app gets a lot of criticism and the one that comes up the most is that STEPN is a Ponzi scheme. Because the demand for NFT sneakers must always be greater than the supply. There cannot therefore be more shoes than players. STEPN solved the problem on its own in such a way that you should be prompted for the application. Despite this exclusive look, fewer and fewer runners are using the app. Additionally, STEPN uses the Solana blockchain – and it is not known for its stability. In 2022, the network has completely failed several times.

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FightOut could revolutionize the fitness industry

With FightOut, a new Move2Earn platform is now poised to capture the hearts of fitness enthusiasts – and the concept seems to be paying off. In the private sale, which preceded the “normal” presale, the team raised over US$1 million by raising capital. Also, FightOut is not a regular fitness app that does Move2Earn. Of course, you can use the app to train at home. There should also be real FightOut gyms where you can train.

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The FightOut avatar – your soul mate

The FightOut avatar is individually adapted to the respective user. The avatar should help the user establish a deeper connection with their body. The software analyzes each training progress very precisely and integrates it into the personal attributes. Incidentally, the avatar is an NFT – which means that it belongs to the user and, thanks to the blockchain, can also be clearly attributed to them. To monitor training, the app uses smartwatch and smartphone technology.

What makes Fight Out different

Unlike Stepn, where only steps count, FightOut features full workouts that you must complete to earn rewards. These range from bodyweight exercises to classes and machine or dumbbell training. Every workout is analyzed down to the last rep to ensure you get the reward you deserve. To be Fighting Fit, you first need a base level of fitness. The workouts are divided into different areas such as muscular endurance, cardio or mental strength. FightOut then calculates the SoftCaps for the respective zones from the base level and staggers the rewards. However, it should also be possible to specialize in a single area. This should motivate you to exercise holistically. Rewards are paid in REPS, the in-game currency. If you regularly participate in challenges and complete wildcard workouts, the rewards may increase. You can then use the REPS to make purchases in the in-game market, such as personal training hours or fitness training clothes.

The $FGHT in presale

FightOut’s native token is $FGHT. This is used to pay monthly membership fees, for example. The FGHT can currently be purchased in presale and, icing on the cake, there is no minimum amount. For one USDT, you get 60.06 FGHT. As a hard cap, the makers have targeted US$100 million. It’s very ambitious, but certainly within the realistic range. Because the fitness industry is growing rapidly.

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Last updated on December 23, 2022

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