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A return of 1200% in six months? Only the most daring investors dream of it. In the past, crypto presales have proven to be one of the most lucrative segments of the digital currency market, with which above-average returns can be achieved. Of course, every investor should bear in mind that according to the magic triangle of financial investments, the possibility of huge returns is of course always accompanied by increasing risks. However, anyone aware of this and investing risk-averse capital in a new coin with the appropriate weighting could be rewarded.

The new FightOut pre-sale started in mid-December – a Move-2-Earn-Coin, which is intended to be like STEPN in terms of price development, but based on a larger concept. Because FightOut is rethinking the Move-2-Earn concept and could disrupt the promising industry. After all, you’re not limited to a Web3 application that follows the steps. On the contrary, one would like to activate and monitor all types of sports activities, later also in their own FightOut gyms. Can crypto gyms revolutionize the sometimes outdated industry and does the FGHT token offer early investors an above-average return? Our assessment:

To fight

Strong Momentum: FightOut Raises $2.3 Million in One Week

We are a long way from a year-end cryptocurrency rally in 2022. The digital currency market has taken a hit. After macro headwinds fueled bearish sentiment all year, the FTX crash made matters worse. Then there were negative rumors about Binance, the crypto exchange with the highest turnover. The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is currently in the fear zone at 28. It doesn’t seem like a definite capitulation, but investors aren’t getting more bullish (yet).

Market sentiment for the start of FightOut’s crypto presale was extremely bad. Because in mid-December, despite the uncertainty, they wanted to launch advance sales – with impressive success. In about a week, officials raised nearly $2.3 million, showing relative strength in the bear market.

The digital avatar represents real users in the fitness metaverse

At the heart of FightOut’s fitness metaverse and Web3 app is a digital avatar that users can burn after signing up. In the future, the digital avatar will evolve according to the actual evolution of the formation. At the same time, you can use the avatar to express your own personality through certain items that can be paid as NFT, for example with rewards.

“FightOut’s goal is to introduce large Web2 audiences to Move-to-Earn with easy-to-use technology and to introduce Web2 audiences to the Metaverse via digital avatars with high Web3 utility as the ‘next step’ for their avatar.”

From now on, life at FightOut will take place in its own gymnasiums, the first of which is scheduled to open in Q4 2023. At the same time, however, Web3 will provide a digital venue for competition, motivation, interaction and other events. Custom and realistic avatar design sets FightOut apart from other projects and at the same time makes the metaverse more accessible as a gigantic growing industry.

Fight Out Avatar

With FightOut finally comes the gamification of the fitness world

Although there are partially digital technologies or innovations, the fitness industry is not considered to be truly innovative. With FightOut, managers are leveraging the concept of gamification to make sports and exercise even more fun. Gamification is based on the use of playful elements intended to increase attractiveness. It will increase the motivation of users, so that people act more sporty and health-conscious. You can also win rewards with competitions in the Metaverse – all of a sudden sport is not only good for your health and your figure, but also for your wallet or your crypto wallet.

FightOut: This Move2Earn Cryptocurrency Could Go Viral

After a week of pre-sales, FightOut was not only able to raise around $2.3 million in fundraising, but also had around 40,000 followers behind the project on the official Twitter channel. The realistic concept of the fitness and health megatrend could contribute significantly to the virality of FightOut. Because even with STEPN, we could observe the success – albeit temporary – that more and more users were posting their sneaker NFTs on social networks and pushing each other to be more active on a daily basis. What only seems possible when the digital avatar, which grows based on actual training progress, is ubiquitous on social media?

Earn attractive pre-sale bonuses of up to 50%: Buy FGHT now

The first presale phase goes up to a cap of $5 million. This means that almost half of the tokens are already exhausted. With dynamic demand, investors should hurry to get attractive bonuses of up to 50%. Because the pre-sale bonus is time-limited. With a certain investment amount and a blocking period chosen by you, you can increase the initial investment from the first purchase. Simply visit the website, connect the wallet, and quickly buy the native coin with ETH/USDT or a credit card.

Buy Presale FGHT Parts Now

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