SIDUS METAVERSE Leads Large-Scale GameFi Launch: “Zeus” Partnership Ensures eSports Standards

SYDNEY, April 10 /PRNewswire/ Famous Ukrainian counter-strike player Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko joins GameFi publisher SIDUS GATES in the crypto metaverse. He signed a 10-year contract to publish exclusive NFT collections. To celebrate this extraordinary event, the team organized a draw for $100,000!

“I’ve worked in many fields, including cryptography and NFT, he explained. I met the founder of SIDUS METAVERSE and was so excited about the work of the company that I decided to join the team, I want mine to use extensive experience in eSports to popularize new products, adapt them to e-sports standards and appeal to a global audience.

We are planning to release a limited edition NFT collection. It is represented by a new species: Cyborgs with unique skins and value for all SIDUS users. Owners can obtain a unique resource coveted by all SIDUS METAVERSE users.”

A game publisher for a new era

SIDUS GATES is an exclusive game publisher that integrates game studios and their projects into SIDUS METAVERSE. All future games will follow a unified game rule and use native tokens. With several games slated for launch, Zeus and other gamers can use their experience and skills to create products that can compete with the behemoths.

We are already in close negotiations with several outstanding eSports athletes and plan to involve them in the development of new products. I can’t give you names, but they are quite impressive.”

SIDUS GATES, Co-Founder and CEO Roman Povolotski also commented on the recent addition to the team. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership and will do our best with high quality game releases and products,” he said. “To celebrate this milestone, we’ve decided to hold a special $90,000 giveaway! 300 NFT kits will be raffled off!”

Anyone can participate by filling out this form and participate in a huge prize pool with a guaranteed reward of $100 worth of in-game gadgets:

The Road to Metaverse Gaming

It’s official now – Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko is joining the Metaverse as an ambassador and spokesperson for major changes and the large-scale launch of NFT. Let’s take a close look at its evolution!

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