Polygon launches Web3 debit cards with hi

Holders of the hi NFT Debit Mastercard can purchase with cash or cryptocurrency at 90 million stores worldwide. Additionally, users can deposit all personal NFT collections to fund their debit card without additional fuel charges.

hi, a Web3 neo-banking platform, and Mastercard have announced a collaboration with Polygon Blockchain. The companies work together to provide users with freedom of expression and invention. Polygon wallet users can now create personalized NFT debit cards to spend fiat money or cryptocurrency at over 90 million merchants worldwide.

The platform will provide users with access to a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange and mobile banking application for savings, investment and payments, allowing them to make the most of the blockchain innovation without unnecessary complications and jargon. Hi serves as a gateway to Web3 for users to access their wealth, social networking, entertainment and retail services in the real world and the metaverse.

Polygon users must download the hi app, create an account, and upgrade to a Silver card level or higher to receive the unique card. Embossed NFTs on Polygon can then be used by users to customize their maps. The site offers free typing to participants, which means that customers do not have to pay gas costs. By simply uploading selected images from their computer, customers can create NFTs. In addition to this exclusive bonus, hi and Mastercard members also receive travel rewards, refunds of up to 20 digital subscriptions and spending rewards of up to 10%.