Meta Quest 3 confirmed for 2023 – “You’ll love it”

Image: Meta (Bosworth with Meta Quest 1)

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In a blog post, Meta’s CTO looks back on a tough year and confirms that Meta Quest 3 will be released next year.

2022 has been one of the toughest years in company history, writes Andrew “Boz” Bosworth. He should know, after all, he joined Facebook in 2006 and was one of the first programmers.

Despite the immense challenges, Bosworth says Meta will remain committed to his Metaverse vision. The foundations for the future were laid this year with Meta Quest Pro, which introduced two important technologies: mixed reality on the one hand, Eye and face capture on the other hand.

“The sooner people can start working with new technologies like this, the sooner their value and potential can be realized,” says Meta’s chief technology officer.

The undiscovered potential of virtual reality

As an example of the potential of mixed reality, Bosworth cites a new form of computer and portable work device that projects digital monitors and user interfaces into space, the prototype of which is Quest Pro.

Gaze and face capture, on the other hand, will allow for more expressive avatars and more realistic VR interactions. Bosworth promises a lot of new things in this area for 2023. Eye tracking will also be used Foveal rendering and thus more efficient data processing possible. “This will drive advances in virtual reality and augmented reality for years to come,” predicts Bosworth.

On the software side, the head of technology announces that social virtual reality experiences have become the most popular apps in the Quest Store. Bosworth concludes that virtual reality is a “fundamentally social technology”.

fitness apps would also have continued their meteoric rise. This shows that virtual reality is a platform whose full potential is not yet fully understood.


Meta Quest 3 will be released in 2023 – and another device?

At the end of his article, Bosworth dares to look forward to next year.

“Meta is far from the only company pushing the envelope in this space, and we expect new competitors to arrive over the next year,” the CTO says, likely referring to the rumors. ongoing regarding a brand of Apple mixed reality headsets. “As new devices come to market, our industry will enter a new era of growth and competition that will bring enormous benefits to users and the developer community,” predicts Bosworth.

Meta will also introduce new devices, including the successor to Meta Quest 2. “You’ll love them,” promises Bosworth. What’s interesting about the commentary is that Meta’s CTO, like Mark Zuckerberg before him, doesn’t name the VR glasses and also suggests that Meta 2023 wants to introduce more than just a new device. Will there be a Meta Quest Plus or at least an idea of ​​the same?

Fans will also love the upcoming Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, says Bosworth. Hopefully, because the last one was disappointing to say the least.

But Bosworth not only has something to say to Quest fans, but also to investors: He says reassuringly that “only” 20 percent of Meta’s investments flow into their own VR and AR department, from which in turn about half throws itself into the development of augmented reality glasses – that is, products that have not yet been presented. It confirms what had been disclosed previously.

Order Quest 2 and Quest Pro

All information about Meta Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro can be found in the linked tests.

Meta Quest Pro is not yet available in Germany, but you can easily get it from Amazon France. Tip: Right-click on the website and select “Translate”.

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