The 7 biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – From NFT scams to Gamescom drama

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Of: Josh Grosman

The year 2022 has been full of agonizing scandals in the German streaming scene. These 7 moments got a lot of attention on Twitch.

Hamburg – A lot happened on Twitch and YouTube in 2022. Between many good times such as fundraisers and event streams, internet players also kept us on our toes with their scandals. Expensive monkey images, advertising for dubious sponsors and “dark humor” on Twitter are not excluded. But in those 7 moments, MontanaBlack, EliasN97, and other big names on the internet made shitty drumming especially hard. ingame brings you the biggest streamer scandals of 2022.

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The biggest streamer scandals on Twitch and Co. – these moments kept us in suspense

Annual review of scandals: At the end of the year, we inevitably come back to the biggest events of the year. Streamers have also caused a stir on Twitch and YouTube – both positively and negatively. We take a look at what are arguably the biggest scandals of the year that rocked the streaming scene. Even the biggest German Twitch streamers 2022 are not spared from scandals.

The 7 biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – NFT scams, gamescom dramas and gambling advertising © Imago/YouTube/Twitch/Twitter/ingame (Montage)

We have not linked the scandals to each other. These 7 moments are particularly memorable to us on the gaming editorial team and vividly depict the outrageous year of streaming 2022. From ApoRed to Fritz Meinecke to MontanaBlack, there are a number of scandals worth watching. examined again.

The Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – YouTuber ApoRed Turns On Insi Mode

Number 7: In 2022, ApoRed activated Insi mode – a real insolvency procedure that will probably occupy the YouTuber scandal for a few more years. In several videos, YouTuber MiiMii uncovered more and more outrages from ApoRed and leaked extremely personal data. But faced with his visible fight, ApoRed does not take his responsibilities: he lies like a fool.

YouTuber ApoRed in front of a container of clothes and a shopping cart
The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – YouTuber ApoRed activates Insi mode © YouTube: ApoRed

“I’m a millionaire,” ApoRed announced in front of a container of bright red clothing and was a laughing stock on social media and among all manner of Twitch streamers. In a number of reactions so far, they poke fun at ApoRed and his quirky puppet. theater. ApoRed got the attention it wanted from its detractors and will likely continue to provide us with the best outrageous content in 2023.

The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Gamescom brawl between dance ban, Scurrows and OrangeMorange

Number 6: Gamescom 2022 was an eventful event for video game fans. But the Cologne gaming fair has also made waves on the streaming scene. Tanzban, OrangeMorange, and Scurrows are particularly memorable at the event. In an awkward argument, the three hostile streamers clashed and the situation escalated. The reason for this was the ongoing discussions about the game on Twitch.

Dance Ban Orangemorange Scurrows Gamescom 2022
The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Gamescom brawl between Tanzban, Scurrows and OrangeMorange © DPA: Oliver Berg / Instagram: Tanzban & scurrows / Twitter: OrangeMorange

The fight between No Dancing, Orangemorange and Scurrows at Gamescom will likely be remembered by anyone who thinks back to the fair. Among many other disputes, MontanaBlack also deserves a mention with its Gamescom horde – in this case, the streamer’s fans behaved outrageously.

Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – Fritz Meinecke Attacks “Softened Benefactor Society”

Number 5: While touring Hungary, Fritz Meinecke concluded that a passerby must be a prostitute and swears with the comment “Damn, damn, 5 euros“a real shit. The inventor of 7 vs. Wild has been shot at on Twitter, YouTube and Co. and lambasted heavy criticism over his sexist comments.

Fritz Meinecke rides a bike
The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Fritz Meinecke tackles the “softened society of benefactors” © YouTube: Fritz Meinecke

As a victim of “cancel culture,” the survival expert released an even more embarrassing statement. Fritz Meinecke engraved against the “society of effeminate benefactors” and immediately caught the next shit storm. He said that if he spoke publicly about the horrible things he had in mind, he would lose all his sponsors. Despite the scandal, the success of 7 against Wild is immense, Fritz Meinecke also having to deal with some allegations about the show’s authenticity.

Biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Twitch isn’t banning gaming after all and OrangeMorange and Scurrows celebrate

Number 4: Opponents of the game rejoiced too soon when the casino ban was announced on Twitch. Far-reaching changes were set to be made on October 18, affecting a wide range of gambling on Twitch. But OrangeMorange and Scurrows continue with casino streams. Germany’s most outrageous streamers are probably still sitting in front of the spinning reels and are relaxed.

Scurrows and orangemorange voor casino background and twitch logo
The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Twitch isn’t banning gaming after all and OrangeMorange and Scurrows are celebrating © unsplash/twitch/instagram/scurrows/orangemorange (Edit)

In various other scandals, OrangeMorange and Scurrows have made a fool of themselves among Twitch Germany fans. Scurrows slammed TikTok employees over Andrew Tate and OrangeMorange was mocked after an embarrassing boast. Despite their heavily criticized actions, the two casino streamers seem to have been lucky enough with the half-baked gambling ban on Twitch.

Biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – EliasN97 makes embarrassing claim after SPITCH criticism

Number 3: In 2022, everyone was talking about gaming and advertising. Time and time again, streamers have been criticized for pushing their – often very young – communities into casino addiction. EliasN97 is not actually associated with these allegations, but he was targeted for a similar sponsor. EliasN97 has come under fire for its SPITCH ad, claiming the fantasy football app is too close to the game.

Screenshot of streamer Eliasn97's Instagram story
The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – EliasN97 makes an embarrassing claim after SPITCH criticism © Instagream: EliasN97

This year, however, opinions diverged on a statement about EliasN97’s SPITCH review. The backlash and personal attack on his Simplicissimus detractors further cast EliasN97 in a bad light for many fans. Despite the shit storm, EliasN97 has turned up the heat this year and is one of the top twitch streamers in 2022 in Germany.

Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – MontanaBlack Promotes NFT Scams and Collects Shitstorm

Number 2: In early 2022, NFTs were all the rage. Expensive blockchain-related images have been commercialized a lot and have crossed the media like no other trend. Similar to investing in a cryptocurrency, influencers promoted NFTs. MontanaBlack has also entered into a cooperation with a dubious network.

MontanaBlack alongside his BoredApe NFT
The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – MontanaBlack promotes NFT scams and collects Shitstorm © Twitter/Picture Alliance (Edit)

MontanaBlack promoted an NFT scam and was heavily criticized even by hardcore fans. The scandal never ended. The MontanaBlack swastika NFT scandal followed shortly after the first case, forcing the streamer to make statements about Twitch and Co. The impact of his scandals is evident in his activity on Twitch. MontanaBlack went on hiatus and averaged 30% fewer viewers in 2022.

The Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – Streamer Danny Is Doomed and Vanishes Completely

Number 1: It’s definitely the biggest streamer scandal of 2022. Danny was found guilty of double rape and sparked a wave of outrage on Twitch Germany. Fans of the streamer and his colleagues couldn’t believe their eyes and ears when the terrible news reached them. By now, streamer Danny has completely disappeared from the scene and many old friends have distanced themselves from him.

YouTuber Danny in an excerpt from his video.
The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Streamer Danny convicted and disappears entirely © YouTube: Danny

Papaplatte, one of Danny’s best friends at times, was stunned by the sentencing. He responded by deleting a song the two shared. Rapper T-Low, whom Danny accompanied on his vlogs, also distanced himself from the streamer and asked his fans not to bring up the subject again.

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