Metacade vs EOS: What makes the two tokens so different?

During the last crypto bull market, the “Ethereum killer” narrative was one of the most popular. But in the previous cycle, it was really only EOS, which challenged Ethereum for the throne. This made it one of the best investments of 2017-18.

But is the EOS token still a good investment for the future? Or will new projects like Metacade and its MCADE token surpass it?

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Keep reading to find out.

What is the Metacade?

Metacade is Web3’s first virtual arcade. It offers the best GameFi and P2E games in one place, allowing players to access everything they want without having to visit many different websites.

With Metacade, players can participate in tournaments, find exciting content, and even earn money by playing P2E games, using MCADE, and participating in tournaments.

Putting all of this together makes for a promising Metaverse project that could turn out to be one of the best in the next market cycle.

Metacade Will Be More Successful Than EOS Tokens – Here’s Why

If you are considering investing in EOS or MCADE tokens, then MCADE is the way to go. Here are the main reasons why this is.

Metacade is more relevant

The EOS token still has a relatively large market cap. But much of it is a holdover from the hype cycle he went through when he challenged Ethereum during the 2017-18 bull market.

There’s no talk of EOS these days, it doesn’t have many users, and it’s unclear what, if anything, might change that in the future.

Metacade, on the other hand, caters to a huge market of nearly 3.10 billion gamers worldwide. It brings together the best of Web3 gaming content in one space, making it extremely relevant to the average crypto user.

Metacade has a wider potential audience

It should also be noted that Metacade has a much larger potential audience than the EOS token. That’s because it has something for anyone interested in gaming or making money through Web3.

Most people have no reason to use EOS. There are no large-scale projects on the platform, and there is no indication that any of them will be built in the near future.

This means that an increase in the number of users on EOS is unlikely to lead to an increase in the price of the token. At Metacade, on the other hand, something like this could well happen in the next bull market.

Metacade has more upside potential

Bottom line, Metacade and MCADE have greater upside potential than EOS. Metacade’s market cap will still be below $50 million at the end of the presale. EOS, on the other hand, has a market capitalization of nearly $1 billion at the time of writing.

This means that every dollar a person invests in Metacade increases the price of Metacade more than a dollar invested in EOS. This means that even if both projects receive the same amount of dollars invested in the next bull market, your investment in MCADE will outperform an investment in EOS tokens.

Metacade vs. EOS Token – Metacade is the big winner

EOS could do well during the next bull market if it is able to regain some of its former glory and start innovating again. But if you’re looking for a project with massive growth potential that fits into GameFi’s emerging narrative, then Metacade is probably a better option for you.

Metacade could become one of the most successful Metaverse projects in the next cycle thanks to its unique value proposition. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the links below to learn more about this project.
You can here take part in the Métacade presale.

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