How will we work in the future?

ICT Trends 2023
How will we work in the future?

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At the end of the year, the Danish manufacturer Jabra presents five future trends for the world of work in 2023. In addition to the intelligent use of technological solutions, the focus is also on the mental health of employees.

Location-independent work creates a new dynamic within companies.

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The year 2023 is ringing. While many will use the next turn of the year to look back on the past year, they are nonetheless excited about the future. Because the world of work is constantly changing. What was considered the new normal today could become old news tomorrow. Jabra, maker of audio, video and collaboration solutions, predicts five trends that will have a lasting impact on everyday work in 2023.

1. The metaverse won’t matter in 2023, but…

The Metaverse is considered one of the most exciting technological innovations of the next few years. However, the project is still in its infancy. Which companies and business models will win the race there in the future is currently equally unclear.

According to Jabra, working in the Metaverse will remain wishful thinking for almost all employees in 2023. Nevertheless, there are already signs that companies will optimize and refine their approach to hybrid working in the coming year. At the same time, all indicators point to a working environment supported by the metaverse in the medium to long term. Companies should therefore keep this development on their radar.

2. Employee fluctuation decreases

Jabra predicts a reversal in employee turnover within companies. Rather, it is to be expected that the trend will continue to stabilize in the next economically uncertain year 2023. However, staying with the company is by no means the same as having highly motivated employees.

To reverse years of declining employee engagement, leaders need to show more appreciation. Leaders must take into account the financial challenges faced, especially by the younger generation, and the changing role that work plays in people’s lives. In this context, managers are well advised to focus on and appreciate the good work of their employees.

3. Digital benefits are gaining importance

Even in times of virtual work, personal and professional development must be encouraged. For Jabra, this means that the technology used for work also affects how workers develop as professionals and as people. In the coming year, companies can be expected to increasingly integrate digital benefits such as online courses, subscriptions to mental health-enhancing apps and work collaboration technologies. into their culture to enhance everyone’s work experience.

4. The transition to the super office

The existence of the office as a central workplace has been called into question over the past two years. An important observation: Office spaces must now improve professional and interpersonal collaboration compared to working from home. According to Jabra, in 2023 there will therefore be a shift from task-oriented workspaces to interaction-oriented workspaces. This means real estate space is stripped down in favor of more focused, purpose-built offices with technology that allows people to experience authentic interactions with all employees, no matter where they work from.

5. Mental health as a priority

With the looming recession and slowing consumer demand, many businesses expect 2023 to be a critical year. In addition to the corporate earnings situation, macroeconomic uncertainty is also having a negative impact on the mental health of employees.

According to Jabra, if companies are to weather this storm together, leaders must take proactive steps to emerge stronger with their employees in the coming year. With the right digital tools and the right strategy, businesses can create a collaborative culture that motivates them to be part of the business for the long term.

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