Google dispels concerns over News Showcase news service

Berlin, December 21 – US online giant Google has made concessions to allay concerns of the Bundeskartellamt over its Google News Showcase news service. The Bonn competition authority announced on Wednesday that the proceedings against the search engine operator of the online news service had been completed. “We were concerned that comparable offerings from other providers would be crowded out by Google News Showcase and that participating publishers would be placed at an unreasonable disadvantage by Google,” said Andreas Mundt, chairman of the Cartel Office. “Google has addressed our concerns and made meaningful adjustments to benefit publishers.”

Collecting society Corint Media welcomed the conclusion of the investigation. “Google News Showcase was and is an attempt by Google to circumvent the legal rights of news publishers,” said CEOs Markus Runde and Christoph Schwennicke. “It is now becoming much more difficult.” However, the Cartel Office has not fully exhausted the possibilities of the new competition law.

In 2021, competition authorities received new powers from the legislator to ensure competition in the internet economy. The Cartel Office can then more easily determine a dominant position of companies and intervene to prohibit certain types of behavior. In the case of the American giant Alphabet and its subsidiary Google, on the basis of the new powers at the start of the year, the office had certified the exceptional cross-relevance of the group and thus paved the way for being able to prohibit anti-competitive practices in a second time.

Google News Showcase is a news service from Google that gives publishers the ability to display publishers’ content within the framework set by Google. According to the Cartel Office, the content made available there is not selected according to Google’s mechanisms, but rather by the publishers themselves and influenced in their presentation. Mundt said Google dropped plans to integrate Showcase with general Google search in the process. “A publisher’s participation or non-participation in Showcase will continue to be irrelevant to the ranking of search results.”

Google has also changed its contractual practice so that it is not more difficult for publishers to enforce their general press ancillary copyrights. “It is also assured that other publishers will be able to participate in Google News Showcase in the future.” During the intervention of the Federal Cartel Office, the American group specified that the partners of Showcase could always have their ancillary copyrights managed. collectively by a collecting society. Google will implement new measures in the coming weeks. This is intended to provide even clearer information on Showcase’s essential framework conditions.

Google dispels concerns over News Showcase news service

Source: Reuters

Photo symbol: Image by Tumisu on Pixabay

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