Experts see a new digital economy emerging. Not the Metaverse.

12/19/2022 – Gaming is already the biggest-selling market in digital media after television. By 2027, experts even expect it to continue growing and become the strongest market with $499 billion.

by Sebastian Halm

Digital video will then come in second place ($477 billion) and television will fall to third place ($386 billion). It seems that the development of the gaming market is already shaping a new digital economy.

One of the most interesting media segments, in which new technologies are developed and virtual experiences from the fields of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR & VR) are created, is the gaming industry. Forecast published this year in Statista’s Digital Economy Compass
prepared points to the games market as the most profitable media segment in the coming years, surpassing the television and digital video segments. AR & VR enables the immersive simulation of a world that a large number of users can enter in first person at the same time while sharing a strong sense of community. The potential for creating a huge social hub is therefore extraordinary.

That’s why big tech companies rely on the Metaverse. Meta and Apple, for example, have made significant investments in various supply chain elements of the Metaverse ecosystem to gain a long-term advantage. Investments to date total $36 billion. With 15 million Oculus VR headsets sold since 2020, Meta is the leader in VR. Meta drives VR experiences, including games or virtual worlds like its flagship app Metaverse Horizon Worlds. The metaverse holds immense potential for the future, with the market for e-commerce and digital assets expected to show the highest growth rates. Analysts predict sales of over $191 billion in e-commerce alone by 2030.

Recent global factors, such as the Russian-Ukrainian war, inflation and supply chain shocks point to a global recession and have led to slower performance for many major players. The predicted path back to frictionless business profitability is through the metaverse. Going forward, the Metaverse is expected to have huge potential for the overall digital market, with the e-commerce and digital asset markets likely to see the most growth.

So it can be said: the metaverse will inevitably change the way people interact in the physical and digital world. A seismic shift towards digital worlds seems possible and creates new potentials in the digital economy, which companies will inevitably have to observe.

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