The big mistakes of Blockchain games

The disastrous year 2022 also sent the crypto market on a downward rally. As legacy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle to hold their own, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 projects are losing user trust. The blockchain gaming industry is also facing an image problem: play-to-earn is not at all well perceived by players. Many gamers prefer innovative, immersive, and value-added experiences and don’t fancy grinding in-game chips.

This way for the comparison of BTC-ECHO blockchain games.

Blockchain Games: It’s Their Problem

Whether it’s Axie Infinity, The Sandbox or Decentraland, blockchain games got maximum attention in the space just a year ago, and their tokens have taken big leaps. ahead. In theory, the concept offers many advantages. For example, a blockchain combined with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) gives players maximum control over their characters, gear, and even virtual properties. Besides the decentralized infrastructure and the opportunity to earn money, the aspect of digital ownership in the form of NFT cannot be ignored. Thus the promises of the industry to the players.

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A tempting offer for some gamers. Sitting in front of the computer, playing games, keeping the items you’ve won and earning money at the same time? But if you step into any of the countless blockchain games, you’re bound to realize: they’re no fun. Endless loading times, delayed motion controls, and yawning boredom massively limit the experience: many games just program crap. The bottom line: the industry must reinvent itself.

Games should be fun

Huu Dat Nguyen works as a developer on the Choiverse virtual world and confirms this. He also criticizes the design of current games and explains to BTC-ECHO:

If the heart of the game is simply to win NFTs and money, these will perish like all other worthless tokens. But if the game is fun, it will last. The game should provide value to users by rewarding them with more fun, skills, and gameplay. The blockchain connection then serves as an extension.

Huu Dat Nguyen

While The Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses are barely playable and their tokens are slowly perishing, sports strategy game Sorare focuses on a connection to reality. The strength of virtual playing cards depends on the performance of the real athlete. You can find out more here.

This way for the comparison of BTC-ECHO blockchain games.

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