Ethereum picks up speed and climbs back above $1,200 – Is another climb possible or are there alternatives for 2023? | 12/20/22


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The situation in the crypto market is slowly calming down and more and more of the top 100 cryptocurrencies have turned positive over the past 24 hours. Ether price also rose over 2.5%, returning above the $1,200 mark after holding the support line at the $1,160 area and initiating a short trend reversal. term. The price is currently moving at a resistance that has yet to be broken. FightOut and Dash 2 Trade pre-sales are also going very well and creating a bullish mood.

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With a price of just under $1,220, ETH is currently sitting in a resistance zone that needs to be broken today. Over the past few weeks, the price has already been rejected on the downside several times and a sustainable bottom formation above this line has failed after last week’s developments. However, if we see price above this level in the next few hours, the direction for next week might be clear. As a result, a further 4.5% increase to the $1,275 line would be possible in the bullish scenario for the next few days. There too, there have already been several rejections and if this line is crossed, the 50-day EMA will also be reached and give an additional bullish signal. Stars are also currently good for FightOut and Dash 2 Trade. If you want to escape Ethereum and Co.’s sideways movement over the past few weeks, you should take a closer look at $FGHT and D2T.

FightOut – Upgrade to Win 2.0?

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FightOut is a next generation Move 2 Earn project. So far, projects in this area have tended to be limited to walking and running. Stepn, which currently ranks as the 122nd largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has already wowed the masses with an app that only pays users to run while wearing an NFT sneaker. The hype was huge and social media was full of sneaker NFTs and people who couldn’t believe they were being paid to do it. With the room collapsing, interest in Stepn quickly evaporated. FightOut goes much further here and accompanies athletes and those who want to become one at the gym. Those who own an NFT Avatar can use it to travel through the FightOut metaverse and complete daily challenges there to earn the $FGHT token.

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Additionally, the avatar is linked to real life as it evolves with the progress of the user’s training. This concept makes it almost inevitable that when FightOut launches, it will be broadcast across all social media platforms, with users posting their characters’ progress in the Metaverse alongside their real training photos. The hype that can be triggered by this makes the $FGHT token an investment that should definitely be on screen. The coin is currently still available for pre-sale, with almost half of the available coins having already sold out in the first few days. So if you want to be there early on before $FGHT explodes next year, you should hurry. Click here for presale while tokens are still available.

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Signals Platform

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Dash 2 Trade serves the ever-expanding crypto trading market. Crypto trading has grown in popularity since the price explosions and the many stories of people getting richer more or less overnight. Of course, this image of trading with digital currencies also comes with an illusion that often robs many beginners without any experience of their savings. Dash 2 Trade starts here and provides an innovative dashboard that uses AI to assess the flood of data available for the respective coins. This assessed data should make it easier for both advanced traders and beginners taking their first steps with digital currencies to make decisions. Holders of the D2T token will also receive corresponding trading signals as soon as the probability of a correct prediction increases.

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Trading robots and a copy trading feature are other tools available to platform users to increase their returns. These functions and many more make Dash 2 Trade a platform that could rank among the best in the years to come. The D2T token has already had a successful presale, but can still be purchased for a few days at the presale price. The countdown on the website only shows 16 days if the few pieces still available are not sold out by then. With the presale, over $10 million has been sold and the Dash 2 Trade Twitter community has over 40,000 followers. All of these requirements make D2T an investment that could prove extremely lucrative for 2023. Click here for the latest D2T tokens available.

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