Metacade Presale (MCADE) Will Transform Metaverse Industry in 2023

The last cycle of the crypto market introduced the world to the concept of the Metaverse and spawned many outstanding Metaverse projects. However, cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving. Older projects like Axie Infinity, Enjin Coin or Avalanche are no longer the innovators they once were. So, in the Web3 environment, it’s important to look for projects that last longer and have a better footing in the metaverse.

Metacade takes on this role and becomes one of the leading innovators become in the metaverse. We wrote this article to introduce you to Metacade and how it could transform the Metaverse industry in 2023 and beyond.

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What is the Metacade?

Metacade is Web3’s first community arcade and aims to become a virtual platform for socializing, gaming, and even for people looking for jobs in the cryptocurrency space. Users can visit Metacade to try out the latest GameFi projects, participate in tournaments, or just hang out with friends.

Metacade will also provide community members with access to many new revenue opportunities. Whether you play P2E games and win tournaments, use MCADE or publish interesting content, Metacade offers everyone a way to earn money online.

The team behind Metacade is also dedicated to bringing job seekers and employers together in the Web3 game. Additionally, Metacade will offer MetaGrants, a new tool that helping members of the Metacade community bring their best crypto game ideas to life.

Metacade has a huge addressable market and has something for everyone. All of these aspects should help Metacade stand out from other Metaverse projects.

What is MCADE used for?

MCADE is the native token of Metacade. It is a cryptocurrency that you can use to try paid games, participate in game tournaments, post jobs on Metacade, etc. Metacade is based on MCADE. So, if the project is successful, the value of the token will also increase.

How could Metacade transform the Metaverse industry in 2023?

Now that we know what Metacade is, let’s take a look at how it could transform the Metaverse industry in 2023 and beyond.

The vision of the community vision

One of the main reasons Metacade stands out from other Metaverse projects is its community-driven approach to development. The team does not receive funding from venture capitalists, so that the community benefits the most as Metacade continues to grow.

This approach should help Metacade develop a loyal following who will promote the project for free on popular social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. This will allow the project to grow organically and feel authentic in a way that other projects cannot match.

If this model is successful, other Metaverse projects may copy it in the future.

Multiple games in one place

In the traditional gaming world, platforms like Steam are more successful than the vast majority of individual games. Everyone who plays games on their PC uses Steam. But there are very few games, if any, that have the same number of users.

Metacade could turn out to be the Steam of Web3 – a place where you can access all the best games.

It’s a model that has never been tried before, at least not like Metacade does. By giving its users the ability to access multiple games in one place, Metacade greatly expands its appeal. If this model succeeds, there will surely be imitators.


Metacade is also innovating with its Metagrant concept. Metagrant offers financial support to emerging Web3 game developers. These developers can finally bring their big ideas to life, and these games will then be made available to everyone on Metacade.

This ensures that Metacade is constantly adding new games to its ecosystem to keep users engaged. This aspect could help the platform see more user engagement, and it’s also a strategy that could be used more widely in the metaverse industry in the future if successful.

Incentive for all types of players

After all, most Metaverse game projects feature competitive or non-competitive play. MCADE lets players experience the game the way they want – from participating in competitive tournaments to hanging out with friends and everything in between.

This concept of creating a platform that appealed to gamers of all interests and goals would gradually become a habit as Metacade grew.

Is the MCADE presale still open?

If you think Metacade is going to disrupt the Metaverse industry, there’s still time to get involved. The pre-sale phase of the project is still ongoing, so you can still secure your MCADE tokens at a low price, which won’t last very long.
You can here take part in the M├ętacade presale.

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