Bitcoin (BTC) Remains Around $20,000 – Most Market Down Except Metacade Presale (MCADE)

The crypto market is down, BTC is near $20,000 and one of the biggest crypto exchanges has crashed. It is therefore not surprising that the last few months have been difficult for most projects. However, Metacade (MCADE) continues to shine.

So why has MCADE continued to rise when other projects have struggled in recent months? Read on to find out why Metacade’s pre-sale went so well even though the crypto market is down.

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What is the Metacade?

Metacade is Web3’s first virtual arcade. It gives gamers access to the best GameFi and P2E titles in one place so they can enjoy all that Web3 gaming has to offer.

With Metacade, users can explore the GameFi world any way they want. Whether that means playing casually with friends or competing in competitive tournaments for big cash prizes is up to the player.

Users can even earn money on Metacade by playing P2E games, using MCADE, and posting content that other users will accept. Or they can use the platform to connect with Web3 entrepreneurs looking for new employees.

Metacade brings together the best of Web3 games in one place. With many different titles to try and many ways to enjoy them, it’s a platform that has reached a level of far-reaching appeal that others struggle to match.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade makes it easy to enjoy Web3 games the way you like them. Simply visit the project’s website, select the games you want to play, and get started alone or with a group of friends. It’s that easy to enjoy games in the Metaverse with Metacade.

MCADE is the native token of the project. It allows a variety of ways to earn money on Metacade – from playing P2E games to participating in tournaments, raffles and even betting the token.

It can be used for paid games, entry to tournaments and sweepstakes, and much more. For example, you can bet MCADE to win more. You can also earn it by posting content rented by other users on the platform.

This means that MCADE is not just a valuable brand. It’s something with a lot of real use cases. This should help its value continue to rise when the crypto market downturn reverses.

What makes Metacade unique?

Metacade differs from other Metaverse projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland in many ways.

First, it brings together many P2E games on one platform, while other Metaverse projects only offer one title. This means that there is a way for everyone to enjoy and earn money with Metacade without being limited to boring gameplay.

Plus, the Metacade is more than just a game. It’s a place to connect and meet new people with friends and entrepreneurs who might hire you. It’s very much the community square of Web3, giving it an appeal that most other projects can’t match.

Finally, Metacade is committed to serving the community – the roadmap makes it clear that this will continue to be a top priority going forward. From the start, the community has included people from all walks of life and walks of life, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their time – which is an important aspect of the Metacade’s value.

Other projects are beholden to large investment firms, meaning they have an incentive to serve those firms rather than their users. The team also announced that as Metacade becomes established, it will delegate important tasks to community members.

Can I still access the Metacade presale?

It’s never a good thing when the crypto market is down. But Metacade and its MCADE token have not been slowed by the slowing momentum affecting the rest of the market.

The pre-sale of Metacade is still ongoing. If you think this might be a token to hold until the next bull market, then now might be the time to take a look and see if it’s really something for you. Pricing started at 125 MCADE for $1 and will increase to 50 MCADE for $1 by the end of the presale.

The easiest way is to look at the links below.
You can pre-sale Metacade here to take part.

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