The best Ligue 1 clubs are developing the FFC together and rising in the world of the football metaverse on We

IRW-PRESS: ACCESSWIRE News Network: Top Ligue 1 clubs collaborate to grow FFC and enter world of Web3 football metaverse

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Singapore, Singapore /Accesswire /November 20, 2022/ Many top Premier League football clubs have built the Metaverse together. They founded the Football Club de France in the hope of increasing the influence of clubs in the league. At the same time, they wanted to strengthen fan loyalty and the deep connection between football culture and fans.

The FFC is a football league on Web3 which was created jointly by many major Ligue 1 clubs. Toulouse, a major Ligue 1 club, is already there. And the FFC-Liga will sign more Ligue 1 clubs and build a football ecosystem on Web3.

The FFC League aims to build a football universe on Web3 shared by several major clubs by creating Web3 products such as fan governance tokens, NFTs, on-chain football games, etc. The project will also spread football culture globally through the promotion and operation of the Web3 track.

According to officials, the FFC league will provide fans with the opportunity to participate in the ecosystem of football stars and the development of football clubs through decentralization. The FFC will also issue cards with NFT rights for different club leagues, which will be an integral part of the FFC ecosystem. Holders will enjoy multiple rights and benefits such as: B. Voting rights, benefits, token airdrops, etc.

Going forward, the FFC league will constantly sign new clubs and well-known stars, expand the reach of the league, provide positive feedback to the FFC ecosystem, and realize the deep integration of clubs throughout Ligue 1.

The FFC League is the world’s first online football ecosystem to launch as a multi-club league. The FFC league has attracted a lot of attention from football fans and many players on the web3.

FFC is part of Fun Day Technology, a leading technology company. Fun Day’s mission is to connect football to blockchain technology. Based in Paris, France, the company has several well-known game projects.

About the FCC League:

The FFC-Liga is a merger of the best football clubs from Ligue 1 and Web3 Soccer. A centuries-old Ligue 1 club has already joined and other Ligue 1 clubs will join in the future and build this league together.



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