Donald Trump launches his Trump NFT collection

Donald Trump’s NFT Collection is set to launch on December 15, 2022. Via his Truth Twitter account, Trump unveiled his NFT Collection and assured his followers that NFTs will make “a great Christmas present.”

Trump NFT Collection on the Polygon Network

In announcing his exclusive NFT collection on Thursday, entrepreneur and media man Donald Trump expressed his desire to restore American greatness. Trump’s NFT trading cards will be built using the Polygon blockchain, according to the website, where you can view the NFTs. Trump chose Polygon because it “declares itself green and carbon neutral, which makes it more environmentally friendly,” according to the network. The launch of the NFT collection was announced by Trump on Truth Social.

Former President Trump said:

“Here is my trusted collection of virtual Donald Trump trading cards. This special edition features amazing artwork from my life and career. They are similar to baseball cards, but maybe so much more. Take all your favorite Trump digital trading cards. Get your tickets now. Only $99 each. Would make a wonderful Christmas gift. stop waiting. I expect them to go away very soon.”

The site claims that customers who purchase Trump’s NFT cards will be immediately entered into a raffle with a variety of rewards up for grabs. For example, the award recipient can “have a wonderful evening in Miami at a dinner party hosted by Trump”, “experience an incredible closed-door meeting alone with Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago” or “donald down the fairway at a special date for a one-hour round of golf.” The website also states that entry into the contest is free. Many Bitcoin fans were outraged by Trump’s announcement of the NFT collection and many of them commented on Trump’s latest action on social media.

Trump NFT

The Wolf of Wall Street, says Scott Melker:

“I have many questions and comments, but I’m just shocked and lost. I hope everything will be back to zero as soon as possible so we can start over.”

Eric Wall, a proponent of digital assets, also commented on the former president’s NFT collection. Wall tweeted:

Wait a minute. You get access to the community through these NFTs, dinner with Donald Trump, golf with Trump, Skype calls, exclusive tips. autographs. None of these cards are baseball cards. An example of SimpDAO.

According to Trump’s website, the cards are “intended as collectibles for personal enjoyment, not as vehicles for investment.” A ticket to a “gala dinner” with former President Trump in South Florida is “guaranteed” to anyone who purchases 45 Trump NFT tickets, in addition to 45 raffle entries. A credit card or cryptocurrency can be used to purchase a Trump NFT card; only an email address is required. The accepted coin, which users can use to purchase a Trump NFT card, is packaged in Ethereum (WETH).

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