Best Crypto Presale Right Now: RobotEra Raises $150,000 For New Metaverse Game

The new Metaverse Robotera project started its pre-sale just a few weeks ago and has already passed the first stage. $150,000 worth of tokens were sold. The new platform is intended to create a sandbox-like metaverse. In this article you will learn all about Robotera, the current presale and how to buy Taro Coin.

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TARO presale in three sections

Advance sale is currently enjoying great popularity. In a short time, the cryptocurrency reached a milestone and brought in $150,000. The presale is divided into three phases. As usual with a dynamic presale, coin prices at each of these stages will increase.

Robota buys Germany

In the current first phase, traders receive the coins at a price of $0.020. Then in the next section they say they cost $0.025. In the third and final phase, tokens are available at a price of $0.032.

Each stage sells 90,000,000 coins. So, if all the coins are successfully sold, the crypto could fetch a total of $6,930,000. $174,847 has been raised so far.

Another metaverse is created – what’s behind Robotera?

Robotera’s metaverse should be reminiscent of the already familiar sandbox. Users should be able to purchase land there in the future. You can then modify them as you wish. The terrestrial parts will be based on NFT. This means that each country, section and zone will be unique and can belong to crypto traders.

Users must be able to build assets on the land they have purchased. You can thus set up a digital building, which you can then rent. In addition to the opportunity to earn money with your own land, players can visit other countries and become tenants themselves.

Robota versus sandbox

However, besides NFT real estate, digital landowners could also create games on their land, which can then be played by users. NFTs are also used here.

Along with the different areas in and around your own land, players will also have the option of battling robot characters. You can keep them, sell them, rent them or put them on your land. They themselves slip into a robot for the game, which is based on NFT.

So players are free to choose what they want to do in the Metaverse. You can build several properties in order to rent them later. Or they explore the world at ease and take advantage of the many gameplay options that are meant to be there. They can befriend their neighbors, start projects together, and keep exploring new content. A play-to-win mechanism will be incorporated into certain games.

Still, the developers don’t want their project to be seen as just a game to win play. They want the Metaverse to be seen as a whole and not just a standalone game.

Buy RobotEra NFTs

Players who wish to use the Robotera ecosystem to earn money will have several options for doing so. On the one hand, they can create their own NFTs, like real estate, and then sell or rent them. During events, token holders can use their coins to receive prizes. More coins can be earned through mining and land management.

In addition to these unique opportunities that the Metaverse will bring, users of the platform will also be able to use their tokens in staking. This allows them to generate regular passive income.

The goal of the developers is to provide players with a successful winning opportunity through the numerous play-to-win and bet opportunities. However, having fun comes first. In its whitepaper, the team describes its mission as follows:

“RobotEra delivers an immersive gaming experience for all gamers. Here everyone can participate regardless of age, gender, profession and social class, build their own world and create and manage their own heritage. Here you have the opportunity to earn a significant income which could even become your family’s main source of income. It would be a great honor for us if each of our players could have fun while achieving their own financial freedom.

TARO Token: Tokenomics

The ecosystem token around Robotera will be called TARO. Players will be able to use these coins in-game to buy, sell, and participate in events. In short, the coin becomes the currency within Roboreta.

A total of 1,800,000,000 tokens will be available. 2%, 36,00,000 coins are available for institutional investors. Another 9% can be distributed to ECO funds.

3% or 54,000,000 tokens are reserved for DEX liquidity. 25%, 450,000,000 held back to play to win gaming rewards. 10%, 180,000,000 coins have been set aside for the team.

Buy Robotera tokens – a guide

Parts are currently only available in advance. Resellers can only buy them from the Robotera website.

Step 1: Connect the wallet

First, visit the presale website. Now connect your existing crypto wallet to the site. This process is initiated via the digital wallet or the “Connect Wallet” button on the Robotera website.

RobotEra pre-sale phase

If you don’t have a wallet yet, you can integrate an ETH-based wallet into your browser in minutes. Crypto wallets are basically necessary for buying cryptocurrencies.

Step 2: Choose payment method

You now have two payment methods available. Choose to buy your tokens with USDT or ETH. Make sure you have enough coins in your wallet beforehand.

Step 3: Buy Tokens

After choosing a payment method, a trading window will open. Here you need to specify how many tokens you want to buy. The number of coins due in the selected currency will be displayed.

The minimum deposit is currently 1000 TARO tokens. Those paying for the coins with ETH should expect a cost of around 0.01860 ETH. It’s about US$20.

Check your details and confirm the purchase. You must confirm your purchase both on the website and in your wallet.

Tokens will not be available to you immediately. First, the presale must be successfully concluded. Typically, a few days after the presale, merchants will receive information about when and how buyers can claim their coins.

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