Porsche launches the NFT collection at Art Basel in Miami

At Art Basel in Miami, Porsche sets the starting point for a brand experience in the digital world and presents the brand’s first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Lutz Meschke, Deputy Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors for Finance and IT, says: “The project is another element of our digitization strategy. Our commitment is long term and our Web3 team has latitude to develop innovations in this area as well. Innovation management at Porsche sees potential in the shopping experience, the metaverse and the supply chain. Vehicle and sustainability issues are also considered .

Unique digital works
The project in the field of digital art is implemented by Hamburg designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel. In his ALT/SHIFT studio, the former architect creates an impressive visual language for various applications. For Porsche, he creates digital portraits that develop around a white Porsche 911. Buyers can influence and help shape the design of their individual NFT over a months-long journey. You can choose from three main Porsche brand themes, which you can project onto the artwork according to your personal preferences. The Performance, Heritage and Lifestyle routes influence the look and character of digital collectibles. Owners then have access to their individual collectibles in the virtual world. In preparation, NFTs are already being created with the Unreal Engine 5.

“With NFT’s artwork, we are transferring our understanding of modern luxury and the unique positioning of the Porsche brand to the digital world,” says Detlev von Platen, Member of the Board of Directors for Sales and Marketing. Porsche NFT owners enjoy exclusive access to virtual and real-world experiences. In this way, digital pioneers can participate directly in Porsche’s journey into the world of Web3 and enter into dialogue with the brand.

Starting in January 2023, interested parties will have access to a total of 7,500 unique digital collectibles. As usual in the Web3 scene, it is possible to register in advance on a whitelist. The purchase of NFTs is limited to three copies per person.

With the new virtual brand identity, Porsche underlines its iconic brand position and transfers the fascination of its sports cars to desirable artifacts of the digital world. As customers expect from Porsche, the NFT is rare, iconic and timeless. Digital art is just one aspect of Porsche’s Web3 strategy. Porsche is working on integrating the possibilities of blockchain into existing and future processes and solutions. The collaboration is interdisciplinary. It takes place with the support of subsidiaries Porsche Digital, MHP and strategic business partners such as UP.Labs and nft now. Distribution is handled by road2dreams GmbH, newly founded by our partner FANZONE.io.

Real Digital Art: “The Art of Dreams” in Miami
With an impressive physical art experience, Porsche completes the brand’s appearance in Miami. Digital artist Chris Labrooy’s physical installation on the beach at the PĂ©rez Art Museum Miami brings Porsche’s The Art of Dreams initiative to America for the first time. The larger-than-life figure, titled “Dream big.”, pays homage to childhood dreams and invites audiences to ask questions such as: are we following our dreams? Where will our dreams take us?

Labrooy’s installation includes a white Porsche 911. The vehicle is the connecting element between digital collectibles and the physical world. It is at the center of all the haptic and virtual initiatives that Porsche presents during Art Basel in Miami.

Picture/Source: doctor Eng. hc F. Porsche AG

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