Decentraland (MANA) Loses 17% in a Week – Are These Two Coins Better Picks Next Year? | news

It is a difficult week for the whole crypto market. While the mood in the market was still positive on Tuesday after US inflation was reported to have fallen for the fifth straight month, things looked very different again over the weekend. The market capitalization of all digital currencies is only $804 billion, most of the top 100 coins are clearly in the red. MANA is losing over 8.5% in 24 hours, making it one of the biggest losers of the past day.

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After many other coins slowly stabilized and edged higher in the weeks following the FTX crash, MANA is only just above its 52-week low of $0.3272. The current price is $0.3319, bringing MANA’s market cap to just $615 million. This puts MANA in 56th place among the biggest cryptocurrencies. All the efforts of the developers, as well as the news that it will soon be possible to rent land and virtual real estate in the form of LAND tokens in order to collect passive income, have so far not been able to initiate a trend reversal. MANA is currently around 95% below its all-time high of $5.90, like many other cryptocurrencies.

Two possible alternatives

With RobotEra and FightOut, two highly anticipated projects are coming to market next year. The past year has shown how much money is flowing into the metaverse now and in the future. A mega market is created here which can bring extreme returns to investors. Investing in Metaverse-related projects today may prove just as lucrative in the future as if you had invested in Amazon, Apple and Co 10 years ago. RobotEra and FightOut are two projects that also deal with this future market.


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RobotEra creates a metaverse that can be navigated with an NFT robot. The universe is created by the players themselves and, like The Sandbox, should expand over time and create opportunities to establish themselves here, expand their country and earn tokens to achieve certain progress using the Play concept 2 Earn. The Sandbox showed the potential of such a project. Hundreds of millions of dollars were invested last year to own part of the virtual countries. The TARO token is RobotEra’s currency. This is currently still available at presale price.

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Investors have the great advantage here that this is currently still the first stage of pre-sales, which means that they can benefit from subsequent price increases and already post a book profit as soon as the price is increased within subsequent stages of pre-sales. You can currently get a TARO for 0.020 USDT before the price hits 0.025 USDT in the next phase. This already translates to a book profit of 25%. At launch, the TARO token has the potential to increase its price by a factor of x10 and could prove extremely lucrative for its investors.

Fight Out

Take your chance and this time enter before the course explodes. $FGHT has the potential to skyrocket in the coming year and multiply capital employed.

FightOut benefits from the hype surrounding Move 2 Earn. However, FightOut takes this concept to the next level. While the focus so far has been on running and users getting paid for distances run after purchasing NFT sneakers, FightOut takes a completely different approach here. The NFT you receive in the app represents an avatar and this has the particularity that it grows with the real person through the workouts they perform. In addition, FightOut offers its users real added value through individual training plans and the ability to challenge other users. This way of bringing fitness and health to the masses in a fun way ensures a much higher chance of success for those involved.

Next Generation Move 2 Earn. Get your $FGHT tokens before the presale ends.

Until now, fitness studios lived on the many customers who signed up, but lost their motivation after a short time and no longer appeared in the studio. FightOut may soon fix that. Having the avatar you use to navigate your metaverse co-developed with your progress in actual training is an idea that can be hugely motivating for many people. As if that weren’t enough, FightOut users can earn the $FGHT token through their progress and the challenges they complete. This gives them the ability to improve their character in the metaverse and also brings discounts on merchandising items and many other benefits.

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$FGHT is currently in presale and was able to sell the incredible sum of over $2 million in 3 days. This shows huge public interest, which gives the $FGHT token the chance to explode upon launch. Returns of several thousand percent cannot be ruled out here and have already been achieved several times in equally promising projects in the past. If you still want to buy $FGHT tokens in presale, you need to hurry. Well over $2.1 million has now been raised and those who join now have the opportunity to get up to 50% bonus on their deposit by freezing coins for a period of time after market launch.

Due to the successful start, the anticipated sales are expected to end earlier than expected. Enter now and get $60.06 FGHT for one USDT.

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