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Buy self-service Armani perfume, sell NFT on Instagram, the metaverse as a catalyst for transformation

of Florian Treiss November 23, 2022 in News

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the World Cup in Qatar is increasingly becoming a matter of attitude. And even if none of the 32 participating nations boycott the tournament, at least one party indirectly involved is now taking the necessary steps: Rewe is ending its cooperation with the DFB prematurely, which ruled against FIFA in the case surrounding the ban. The “One Love” captain’s armband has held up long enough. CEO Lionel Souque says: “We stand for diversity – and football is diversity too. We live that attitude and we stand for that attitude – even in the face of possible resistance of the Court of Sports of the CAS in favor of the bandage.

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Digital commerce is experiencing a huge boom ‒ Virtually no household goes without online shopping these days; whether it’s something small like gourmet licorice or something big like a car. But how can businesses take advantage of the rise of digital commerce and take their online business to the next level? Learn more about the success stories of John Lewis, Emma – The Sleep Company, Lakrids by Bülow, Cazoo.
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How a stationary fashion retailer is branding with the human factor: an interview with Marc Ramelow

“What we are building is a stage, and you have to use it well”, explains Marc Ramelow. Since 1996 he has been managing the company Gustav Ramelow KG, which operates a total of five fashion houses in small towns in northern Germany such as Elmshorn and Stendal. Marc Ramelow was a guest at our third Zoom Business Conference and talked about his recipes for success in physical retail.
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Buy Armani perfume in checkout, Christmas lights on Kudamm

The cosmetics giant L’Oreal tested in a pop-up store of its brand Armani Beauty in Düsseldorf the self-service checkout solution Free by VR Payment and BMS Consulting. Customers can try on perfumes and various cosmetics and simply buy them on the way. To do this, they guide their basket through a scanning unit, which automatically registers the products thanks to their RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. RFID tags presented Avery Denison to elimination. The Königsallee store is open until November 27. According to Payfree, the project is the first successful use of a to-go checkout in the beauty industry.

is christmas lights In time of energy crisis still contemporary? At least in Berlin, the answer is “yes”: in Berlin’s famous Kudamm shopping street, the traditional lighting was switched on on Tuesday evening. Tens of thousands of lamps now shine here and on its extension, Tauentzienstraße, which leads to KaDeWe. The lighting cost around 600,000 euros this year, according to AG City, a trade association in and around Kudamm.

NFT selling on Instagram, Metaverse as a transformational impulse

Buying one may soon be NFT on instagram as easy as buying physical products. That’s the goal of an Instagram update that will soon allow creators to create digital collectibles on the platform and sell them to their followers. In the future, Instagram users will be able to buy these NFTs directly in the social network application by paying either with a credit card or with cryptocurrencies. The new NFT feature could be a welcome boost for Instagram mother Meta, which has big Metaverse ambitions while earning commissions from NFT sales on Instagram, according to Vogue. A date for a wide rollout of the NFT feature has yet to be set, but pilots with select creators are already underway.

Even though the hype metaverse meanwhile it’s a bit flattened so the metaverse discussion may make sense Transformation impulse for retail give, says Ludwig Voll, partner and expert for retail companies at EY-Parthenon. “Retail companies should ask themselves: Am I still relevant if all the physical is gone? 65% of respondents in the EY-Parthenon performance rankings recently said online shopping is now the most fun for them. According to Ludwig Voll, this is not good news for stationery retailers. According to the expert, what is essential for the future of retail is not the evolution of technology, but the evolution of customer behavior. “We are already seeing more and more frequently that customers only interact with companies that are relevant to them and offer added value,” says Ludwig Voll.

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Study on Attitude-Behaviour-Gap, eBay with CO2 account, low desire to buy at Christmas

sustainability has lost little of its importance with consumers despite the consequences of the Ukrainian conflict (inflation and reluctance to buy). According to a survey by DHBW Heilbronn on Attitude-behaviour gap. 50.8% agree or tend to agree with “I am ready to give up prosperity for sustainable consumption” and 41.6% agree or tend to agree with “I am ready to change place of purchase because of the supply of durable items”. The authors Nele Berg, Prof. Dr. Carsten Kortum, Prof. Dr. In fact, Stephan Rüschen and Julia Schumacher still see many sustainability skeptics (31.0%) and sustainability deniers (40.1%) in their data. Therefore, the authors give 10 recommendations for action to further intensify sustainability among consumers and show examples of how these actions, e.g. T. already implemented. A free white paper on the study is available for download here.

eBay Germany introduces “My CO2 Account”, which provides users with information about the carbon footprint of their own purchases and the eBay community. In addition, the new service provides insight into the emissions potentially avoided by purchasing used items instead of new products. In addition, the possibility of offsetting the CO2 emissions that have occurred is discussed in close cooperation with the partner South Pole extended to many other new and used products from the online market. The calculation model must be continuously developed by continuously feeding new, comprehensive and scientific emission data.

See special offers, compare prices, buy more consciously: Inflation and the rising cost of living are changing the buying behavior of online shoppers in Germany. Just before Black Friday and the start of Christmas business two-thirds (69%) say they are currently thinking more carefully about what they really need. Almost as many (64%) pay more attention to special offers and discount offers, according to a Bitkom survey. A Bonial survey of users of the KaufDA app paints a similar picture: Overall, a good third want to spend less on Christmas than the year before. Savings are mainly on gifts: 38% say they want to spend less on them this year.

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